The Roadmap For Mean Stack Developer


MEAN is a free, user-friendly, and open-source JavaScript software stack to develop dynamic websites and robust web applications, with its technology stack. Starting from the client side to the server and back, everything depends on JavaScript. It provides an organized way to develop faster prototypes for web supporting applications. You can learn to work on this platform by taking Mean Stack Development Online Training for a hassle-free learning process. Moreover, the MEAN Stack considerably is an ideal choice for hybrid app development with full-stack JS and it also assures a quick and competent software output

Who are Mean Stack Developers?

MEAN Stack developers are JavaScript-based developers with expertise in the 4 technologies. Usually consisting of the MEAN stack, like MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. A MEAN stack developer is basically a full-stack web developer who is an expert in all four technologies.

How To Become A MEAN Stack Developer?

1. Complete your graduation

The first step for becoming a MEAN Stack developer is completing your 10+2 in the science stream with mathematics, physics, and chemistry as compulsory subjects. After you 10+2, candidates can pursue, a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Technology (BTech), or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in computer science or other concerning areas.

2. Participate in an internship

While studying, consider getting an internship in a similar role. An internship can refine your skills and help you acquire knowledge about the industry. Often, employers prefer MEAN stack developers with some prior experience and an internship can help you get a desirable job. Also, an internship can lead to further full-time employment.

The Roadmap For Mean Stack Developer
The Roadmap For Mean Stack Developer

3. Pursue a master’s program

After your graduation degree, you can opt for a master’s program in the concerning field. A degree like M.Sc, MCA or M.Tech/M.E can further help you achieve higher growth. While a master’s degree is not compulsory for this role, employers prefer hiring candidates with a master’s program for different senior roles.

4. Learn the essential programming language

To become a MEAN Stack developer, you need to master many programming languages. You can first start with a hypertext markup language (HTML) that a programmer uses to structure specific web content. The next language can be cascading style sheets (CSS) to control the appearance of your webpage. Using CSS, you can include color and text on your webpage. Another essential language to learn is JavaScript, which is quite useful for making the website more user-friendly.

5. Know about web development frameworks

You can design layouts and make visually attractive websites using different programming languages. Knowing the framework and libraries is quite essential for becoming a MEAN stack developer.

6. Learn backend languages and technologies

As MEAN Stack developers usually develop backend applications. Thus, it becomes important to know a few backend development languages. It is important to understand backend development processes because it focuses on certain data processes instead of user experience. You can learn one or two backend programming languages for a further rewarding career.

7. Knowledge of databases

A MEAN Stack developer usually requires knowledge and proficiency in one or two databases. The ability to operate common databases can help developer stores the data.

8. Understanding of basic design

A basic understanding of design and different components is essential for a rewarding career as a MEAN stack developer. It is moreover essential to understand how user experiences interact with the specific website. Generally, knowledge of basic prototype design, like UX design, and UI design can help you build web applications and also user-friendly websites.


MEAN Stack developers work on the front end as well as the back end. To learn to work on overall structure, you can take Mean Stack Development Online Training for a faster learning process. Also, there are multiple job opportunities for Mean Stack Developers. It is moreover a rewarding career choice with better growth opportunities.

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