What Are Your Duties As Scrum Master?


Scrum master has become a term that is widely in use in product and development circles. Every individual looking to aspire to the scrum methodology chooses to become a Scrum Master to fully utilize its capabilities. Start your learning journey now with Certified Scrum Master Training Institute in Gurgaon and explore its more functionalities. Also, it has become a most desired position in the project management sphere. Moreover, you should be prepared well before entering into this career. Moving further, let’s read more about the varied roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master.

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum is one of the project management frameworks in use by different organizations adopting the agile development methodology. The major concept to briefly understand about Scrum is that it does not require a sequence of steps a team that needs to follow for the product movement. Scrum is more likely like a philosophy. It allows the team to progress, and quick adaptation, when necessary, without being slow by any kind of process.

For a product team developing software using the Scrum agile framework, the Scrum master is indeed a technical resource. Usually, a developer is responsible for monitoring the dev team on track. The scrum master’s main aim is to ensure the team works in accordance with agile values. Mainly ensuring they have adequate resources, time, and majorly a disruption-free environment to succeed.

4 Major Responsibilities of a Scrum Master:

1. Keep the team on track

A scrum master’s major responsibility is to organize the development team and make them progress toward the set goals. The Scrum Master basically guides the team to be on the correct track.

Like, the scrum master may lead the team’s daily meetings. Mostly, the team discusses what needs to accomplish, what they’re planning to work on, and removing any kind of obstacles coming in the way.

Also, they keep these meetings however short and on point. Further, they analyze the useful information from the meeting like identifying ways to overcome obstacles to the team’s progress.

The scrum masters basically listen to all concerns and take an active part in the discussion. Ensuring the team has the correct information. Allowing participants to make decisions regarding projects and priorities.

2. Bridge between product management and development

One major risk in building any product is miscommunication between the product management team and the developers who will be developing the product. If this product strategy is lost in translation, the developers may focus on the incorrect priorities or make decisions for saving time.

Also, in an agile organization, the scrum master can further mitigate these risks. They act as a connecting medium between product management and development.

3. Remove obstacles

When the developers identify a dependency or other challenge stopping them from finishing a sprint task, now it is up to the scrum master to remove that obstacle to allow the team to continue its work.

When a product manager directly approaches the dev team with any kind of urgent last-minute request. Such as developing custom code for a bigger customer. It will additionally be the scrum master’s responsibility to connect with the PM regarding the tasks agreed upon.

4. Move through influence and credibility

A Scrum Master indeed holds a lot of responsibility but no actual authority in the company hierarchy. This is one of the major reasons why some companies explain their scrum master as a team coach or just an agile coach. They lead their team but from the earned position of a trusted expert and guide.


A Scrum Master builds high credibility with the team. In order to give full justice to your role, go for a Certified Scrum Master Training in Delhi. Get well-trained in this expertise to enjoy a seamless work experience in your organization. Moreover, being a certified member will help you move further in your career with advantages and perks.

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