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Welcome to TIMESOFRISING.COM! We appreciate your interest in becoming a guest post writer for our website.

We provide a platform for writers to share their knowledge, insights, and expertise with our audience, helping them learn and grow in various domains.

If you are passionate about creating valuable content and reaching a wider audience, we invite you to contribute to our platform.

Why Write for Us?

Writing for TIMESOFRISING.COM offers numerous benefits for guest post writers. By contributing to our website, you can:
1. Expand your reach: Reach a wider audience and gain exposure among our readers, who are eager to learn and engage with insightful content.
2. Share your expertise: Showcase your knowledge and expertise in your respective field, positioning yourself as an authority and building your brand.
3. Build your network: Connect with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and fellow writers who can provide valuable networking opportunities.
4. Increase website traffic: Include a brief author bio with a link back to your website or social media profiles, driving traffic to your platforms.
5. Improve your writing skills: Receive constructive feedback from our editorial team, helping you enhance your writing abilities and refine your content creation process.

Requirements to Write for Us

To maintain the quality of content on our platform, we have a few requirements for guest post writers:
1. Expertise: We seek writers with expertise in their respective domains, ensuring that the content provided is accurate, valuable, and insightful.
2. Originality: All articles must be original, not published elsewhere, and not infringe on any copyright or intellectual property rights.
3. Quality: We emphasize well-researched, informative, and engaging articles that provide value to our readers.
4. Writing Standards: Maintain high writing standards, including proper grammar, spelling, and formatting.

Guidelines for Writing for Us

To ensure consistency and maintain the quality of content on our platform, we have established the following guidelines:
1. Article Length: We recommend articles to be between 800 and 5000 words, but the focus should be on delivering valuable insights rather than a strict word count.
2. Content Relevance: Choose topics that are relevant to our website’s categories and align with our readers’ interests. We strongly recommend that read some articles before start writing.
3. Structure: Organize your article into sections with clear headings and subheadings to enhance readability.
4. Formatting: Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and numbered lists to break down complex information and make it easier to digest.
5. Language and Tone: Write in a professional and engaging tone, avoiding excessive jargon. Aim to make your content accessible to a wide range of readers.
6. SEO Optimization: Optimize your article for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords naturally into your content, and headings.
7. Citations and Sources: Cite credible sources and include links to external references when necessary to support your claims and provide additional resources to readers.
Note: Make Sure that you don’t insert too many backlinks in the article.

Process of Submission of Guest Posts

Submitting your guest post is a simple and streamlined process. Share your articles here:
👉 For TIMESOFRISING.COM : contact@timesofrising.com

When Will the Article be published?

After submission, our editorial team will review your article. If approved, we will publish your article within 1-2 business days.
Please note that publication timings may vary depending on our editorial calendar and existing content pipeline.
In rare situations, if we do not publish your article within 5-7 business days that means it’s rejected so you are free to submit it in other places we will delete it from our database.

Price for Link insertion

We charge only $12 per article with one do-follow backlink.
Note: If you want a backlink for any casino-related website then the price will be $25 for each article with a single do-follow link.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions and working with you to provide informative and engaging content to our readers.

Remember, there is no need to send the articles via email. Simply sign up, start writing, and submit your articles through our platform for publication.

Thank you for considering TIMESOFRISING.COM as your platform for sharing your knowledge and expertise. We are excited to have you on board!

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