Incredible views of the sea and beach style

On the beachfront there is no small house, but this apartment also has a delicious decoration designed so that the whole family and their guests are happy

Building something similar to this perfect Mediterranean refuge would be impossible today: the Coastal Law turns each of the 51 square meters of this apartment on the beachfront on the Costa Brava into a true treasure. If on top of that it comes with another 31 terrace and with the possibility of winning a room in the mezzanine (due to being on the top floor of the building), the value is incalculable. The family that owns this jewel chose the Xmasarquitectura studio to renovate this 70s penthouse, which filled it with beautiful and good ideas, such as a refreshing microcement floor.


In the heart of the Costa Brava and surrounded by pine trees, this apartment of only 50 square meters has several aces up its sleeve: a superb renovation by the architect Xavier Claravall and the interior designer Sonia Badia (from the Xmasarquitectura studio), it is on the beachfront and it has this terrace where dinners last until dawn.

Habitat table and Fermob chairs with Sira cushions. Catalina House table runners.


Reforming this original property from the 70s was not easy: “We talked for hours with the clients and we understood that for them the most important thing was the light and the views of the sea, which is why we gave them priority: from the terrace to the bed in the master bedroom you can see the water”, the interior designer tells us.


Lined with wood and with an almost complete kitchen (laundry room included!), the terrace flows with the living room: when the French doors are open, only the gauze curtains show us where one begins and the other ends.


In the living room, nothing obstructs the views of the sea, and the Mediterranean character has been enhanced with white walls, details in blue and turquoise, and lots of natural fiber furniture.

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The assistants in the living room also have a function on the terrace if necessary. Made of materials typical of outdoor furniture, the armchair and the coffee table can be taken outside in case of visitors.


Interior designer Sonia Badia designed most of the home’s furnishings, including the ingenious oak bench and chest of drawers in the dining room, which doubles as seating and storage, as well as steps for the new staircase.


But without a doubt our favorite solution is the staircase in the living room, which begins as an oak bench (which is used to sit in the dining room) and continues in white painted iron. “It doesn’t go all the way down because we wanted it to take up as little space as possible,” explains interior designer Sonia Badia. The staircase was necessary because they added a new room for children on the mezzanine.


The interior designer and the architect created this iron and glass partition that separates the living room from the kitchen, but allows whoever is cooking to continue seeing the sea.



But the glass door not only has the power to let the views pass, it also differentiates the spaces without completely separating them, creating a kitchen open to the living room and, consequently, to the terrace and the impressive views.  

Mediterranean diet


“In the kitchen, we put a DM box around the extractor hood, which has its own active filters because there is no smoke outlet, but hey, in a beach house you don’t cook much either and with so many windows it’s easy to ventilate,” the interior designer continues.

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