What Are The Fundamentals Of Software Testing?


Software Testing is an extensive and vast subject. There are multiple software applications and systems made for different domains and industries. From the point of view of a tester, every testing project is like a new challenge because he needs to understand the client’s point of view. Look at the domain before moving on with different testing activities. Moving from project to project, a tester may need to change the testing methodologies as well. Thus, it becomes very important to keep the fundamentals in place. Ensuring you have the fundamentals in the right place is the biggest prerequisite for becoming successful in the field of software testing. Though if you look for descriptive learning, Software Testing Training in Gurgaon can be an excellent choice for adding this expertise to your skill. A brief and descriptive knowledge of it can help you move on with your work efficiently.

Why is Software Testing Necessary?

There is a chance of an error, bug, or defect by developers. However, it is never intentional but the complexities of the application can make way for this kind of error.

Testing is indeed necessary because it allows you to identify the faults in software. Once you detect these errors you can easily rectify the quality of the software. So, software testing is crucial so that bug-free applications are made and delivered to the end customers. When a company decides to build software for a client there are specific legal, contractual, and industry-particular requirements from the deal being made. A quality-conscious company will certainly include software testing in its usual best practices.

It is however difficult to say how much testing is adequate. But with necessary testing and planning, you can ensure to deliver high-quality software.

Who Actually Does the Software Testing?

There is always a discussion on who should actually test the software. People always question why developers should not test. So, a developer usually checks his code multiple times before submitting it for testing. However, in most cases, it is never error free because a developer won’t be able to identify his own mistakes.

Whereas, a tester looks at software from the client’s perspective. His views and analysis are unbiased and only focus on the specifications and the necessary requirements. So, a tester can look into areas that a developer may have missed. So, the testing is generally done by independent testers.

What Really Needs Testing?

The tester should have a thorough understanding of the overall project requirements. A good idea about the real-time scenario of the software implementation will help the tester understand how to carry on with the testing for the project. It is very crucial to know what really needs to be done to devise an adept testing strategy.

When Software Testing Takes Place?

The sooner the testing team starts testing the software the better it would be for the developers to complete the project in the given time. Thereby, saving a good amount of time, money, and effort. Testing in the later stages of development can make it an expensive matter. Since it becomes very difficult to mend these defects once the software comes to its final stages of testing. When dividing the software development into stages and then testing every stage before moving to the next stage helps in finishing the software development in the given time with good results. This further allows better integration of various modules. As every module has undergone independent testing and is working as per the given requirements.


You may have got a basic idea about the usual testing environment. Though it is done both manually and by tools. However, it needs a process, and dedicated team, and correct timing. With Software Testing Online Training in India, you can learn its other necessary functions. Thus, get familiar with all its basics and start your career in this domain.

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