How To Start A Career In The Domain Of Software Testing?


Software Testing is a process of verification of a computer program or a system to ensure that it is working as per the requirements and gives the expected results. Basically, a software tester identifies bugs in the software project. They do this to ensure the quality of the product. Today, this has become an increasingly crucial role due to the growing influx of technologies and the growth of the webspace. If you look to build a career in this profile, Software Testing Online Training can help you in the journey. Every application needs correct testing before introducing it to the outside world. Thus, software testing falls to be an extremely important step. You can follow the below step to initiate your journey as a Software tester.

Starting a career in Software Testing, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Knowledge of STLC Phases

If you’re looking forward to making your career in the Software Testing domain, you require to know about the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) phases in depth. It will give you a brief understanding of the Software Testing process and lay your foundation to become a Software Tester. Alike Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle also consists of several phases such as Requirement Analysis, Test Case Development, Test Planning, Test Environment Setup, Test Execution & Test Closure concerns with the specific steps required for the testing process. These phases are performed multiple times during the project development to ensure the fulfillment of project needs without any bugs or other issues.

How To Start A Career In The Domain Of Software Testing?
How To Start A Career In The Domain Of Software Testing?

Step 2: Fundamentals of Programming Languages

A Software Tester reviews codes or programs to find any bugs or detects and analysis of technical documentation during project development. Hence, it becomes essential to have a fundamental knowledge of different programming languages to get into the Software Testing domain. Moreover, good programming knowledge also becomes necessary when you go for the automation testing process. You can opt to learn different demanding programming languages like JAVA, C#, Python, Ruby, etc. Furthermore, companies look for basic knowledge of Programming Languages while recruiting Software Testers.

Step 3: Understanding of Linux & Other OS Fundamentals

An understanding of Operating Systems is certainly a must for Software Testers. As a Software Tester, you need to set up the test environment and execute the test cases respectively. So, if you possess the knowledge of OS tools & commands, it becomes easier and more efficient for you to do the task.

Step 4: Knowledge of SQL Queries & Databases

Indeed, the security of the user’s data & information is the primary concern for any website, application, or other software. Moreover, large-scale software systems hold a large amount of data. So, it becomes essential for Software Testers to validate & authenticate this data and identify any bugs or defects. Hence, you need to have a sound knowledge of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. to become a proficient Software Tester.

Step 5: Familiarity with Test Management, Defect Tracking & Automation Tools

Test Management tool looks after the management of testing artifacts such as test case planning & tracking, test strategies, etc. such as Test link, TestRail, and various others. Additionally, Automation Tools like Selenium, Appium, etc. will help you switch from Manual Testing to Automation Testing.

Some Non-Technical Essential Skills:

  • Analytical Ability: Analytical skills will help you gain more clarity on complex systems by breaking them down into smaller ones.
  • Effective Communications: Being a tester, you will be working on different apps to understand the customer’s requirements. However, you need to understand the user requirements to give the right results.
  • Time Management Skills: Software testing is highly demanding at times. So, you need to have a lot of patience during the release of code.


A career in software testing is achieved with the skills you attain. Also, you need to make sure you have acquired the right skills while constantly improving yourself. You can even go for a training medium. Software Testing Training in Delhi will illuminate you on the correct path. Basically, a software tester needs to meet the customer’s expectations. You can follow the above to start your career in the field of Software Testing. Indeed, this career path is very bright with lots of demand.

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