Why You Should Learn Power BI?


If you are working as a data analyst or any analytical job; then learning Power BI and be helpful in most instances. Microsoft Power BI is the industry-leading business intelligence platform with the greatest number of users. This is also the ideal data solution choice for most companies Moreover, the demand for Power BI is indeed huge and is also continuing to grow even further. You can take a Microsoft Power BI Training to get professional expertise in this field. Also, it is beneficial to learn this tool as it is widely in use in most companies. Moreover, it is even more secure, integrates multiple techs in one convenient place, and offers easy implementation.

Why Learning Power BI is Fruitful?

The following reasons will make you even more certain why learning Power BI is helpful.

1. It’s Powerful –

At its core, Power BI is made up of three main technologies.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot works with big datasets, develops relationships, and does calculations, all in one place.

Power Query

Power Query allows you to access data from different sources. You don’t require any code to use Power Query, and it provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Power View

Power View enables you to visually shape and explore your data. It is indeed a powerful visualization technology that allows you to create charts, graphs, maps, and many other types of data visualizations.

All these technologies together combine to make Power BI an ideal solution for most data analysis tasks. Because it allows you to make essential data cleaning, organization, transformation, make additional calculations; and then change it into charts and other visualizations with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

2. Easy to Learn –

Power Bi is basically easier to use than Excel. Once you get the hang of it, making complex visualizations in Power BI is quite easy. Power BI generally takes less time to learn than any other new coding language.

3. Demanding Skill –

There are thousands of jobs hiring right at present for individuals with excellent Power BI skills. Owing to its powerful and seamless integration with other professional tools and applications thousands of companies use Power BI.  Adding Power BI skills to your resume will show employers that you’ve got the correct data analysis skills they presently need.

4. It Can Help You Start a New Career –

Power BI is an important skill for growing data analysts. Employers know that analysts with excellent Power BI skills can efficiently handle even advanced analytics tasks. Additionally, most employers require analysts with Power BI skills to give a powerful and seamless data approach. Power BI skills enable you to easily build reports, dashboards, and apps that anyone at the company can read.

5. Easier Data Visualization –

Power BI’s drag-and-drop chart-building interface is one of the best features to take advantage of. Power BI helps you to create beautiful, interactive visualizations that unlock many meaningful insights in just seconds.

6. Handle Big Data –

Power BI is designed to work with big and enormous data. It allows easy uploads of datasets as huge as 10 GB and can even work with datasets even larger than set settings.

7. It’s Fun –

Data cleaning is indeed fast and fairly intuitive. It’s fun to drag and drop data into various chart types and see what type of patterns you can uncover. Since it is a tool for making presentations and dashboards it is fun to make your charts look pretty.


Start your journey with Power BI Training in Delhi. As the tool is in great demand you will have tons of opportunity to grow in your career. Hence, make use of this growing demand and start your Power BI journey now.

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