What Are The New Features You Get With Microsoft Office 365?


Microsoft Office 365 offers a full list of tools to make you and your colleagues more productive. You may be using Office applications for many years, so it’s easy to stick to the same old habits. Microsoft Office 365 has rolled out new features for improving productivity and revolutionizing the way you work. Basically, Microsoft wants businesses to increase productivity with its better products and keep pushing collaboration to another level. Microsoft 365, is almost in use everywhere, thus you need to be well aware of its features to work on this platform. You can even go through, Microsoft Office 365 Training in Noida to learn better about its features and products. Microsoft 365 undergoes regular updates, to fix security patches, launch the latest features, or fix bugs. But it may be hard to keep track of the changes in each update.

Introducing the New Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft 365 is a cloud storage platform that includes different apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and so much more.

Find your favorite files and apps all in one place:

Quickly access apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more from any device.

Easy Creation of Content:

Start working on a new file with a simple click or use recommended templates to create quality content.

Easy Working:

Use smart recommendations from Microsoft 365 to understand your work needs and decide the best way to get started.

Work Seamlessly from Anywhere:

Pick up where you left off across your browser, desktop, or mobile device to securely access files, photos, and videos. Whether you’re connecting with family and friends or collaborating with your team, Microsoft Teams allows you to meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place. Moreover, the future of work is quite flexible. Today every organization needs a single, integrated experience that makes working together easier and more engaging for all their employees. Irrespective of their location, every employee can access all its features efficiently.  Microsoft aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital workspaces. It enables hybrid meetings and collaboration and became a must-have for every organization. Looking at different other requirements, Microsoft brought Microsoft Teams Rooms, making it easy to start your hybrid journey.

What are Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms help in eliminating the barriers between spaces, places, and people. Its design includes the delivery of inclusive meeting experiences with all participants in mind. Teams Rooms can moreover turn any room into an easy-to-use and inclusive meeting space where everyone can easily engage and participate, no matter where they are.

What is new with Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro is a new offer that brings together the value of existing Teams Rooms features. Teams Rooms Pro basically simplifies the purchasing process for existing customers and delivers collective benefits. It further offers capabilities of both hybrid meeting experiences and device management. It further offers features like.

Intelligent audio and video: To help everyone to be seen and heard, Microsoft brings together high-quality audio and video from Microsoft Teams-certified devices.

Increased engagement: Beyond audio and video, one of the best ways for remote participants to establish their presence in a meeting is by easy engagement.

Powerful collaboration: Real-time collaboration adds a touch display to enable multi-user, whiteboarding sharing, or adds a content camera to share an intelligent, augmented whiteboard view into Teams meetings.

Collaborate and create in real-time:

Bring ideas to life with teammates, classmates, or family members across all your devices with apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It further promotes easy sharing and access to files wherever you are with secured OneDrive cloud storage.

Security Features:

Stay secure and productive on all your device. Moreover, with comprehensive, intelligent, enterprise-grade built-in security features, you need not worry about your data protection.

Work safely with the new Windows 11 2022 Update:

Windows 11 2022 update, includes some critically important new features to keep your organization safe in an ever-changing threat landscape. However, it does not compromise the Windows experiences that enable your employees to collaborate and do their best work.


Microsoft will continue to bring more updates after analyzing the user requirements. Moreover, you can start early with Microsoft Office 365 Online Training for easy learning of its different products and features. However, the current market demands require you to be up to date with every new technology coming to the market.

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