App Store Optimization and All about Boosting Your App Downloads

Finding users for your app is one of the biggest problems with millions of apps and billions of app downloads. Marketing teams today need help with how to help consumers find their apps in the first place. Whether to spend on apps to interact with their audience is secondary. This is the situation where app store optimization (ASO) is crucial.

There are some of the best app store optimization services available at your disposal. However, you must choose one with a proven track record. This article will provide comprehensive detail on what ASO is and how it benefits developers. Furthermore, find valuable strategies that help enhance your chances of success in the app store if you are new.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization or ASO, as it is more often known, raises an app’s conversion rates to gain more downloads while enhancing its exposure and customer engagement in the app stores. The most well-known app marketplaces are the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Android and iOS, respectively.

How does it work?

ASO is not that different from SEO. Users of app stores utilize search queries to locate various apps and games, while app stores can suggest more apps depending on customer preferences and popularity. The most common ASO strategies are keyword optimization, category rankings, sponsored and search ads, and top charts or applications with prominent placement in Google Play or the App Store. You should employ digital marketing company services to boost your chances in ASO. However, you must first comprehend how users look for and discover apps to increase your organic growth.


Search EngineApple App Store, Google Play StoreGoogle, Bing, Yahoo
On-PageApp Name, Description, Keywords (iOS), Uninstall Rate, Usage metricsTitle, Internal Links, H1 H2 H3, Page Load Speed, Content coverage
Off-PageRatings & Reviews, Backlinks, Download statisticsLinks, Social signals, Anchor Text
GoalUser downloadsVisitor Traffic

ASO Factors to Consider

Key ranking factors between the two popular app stores differ. For example, Apple App Store focuses on keywords and app URLs, while Google Play Store relies on quality short and long descriptions. Other than that, both app stores have similar factors you can influence, such as app names, in-app purchases, reviews and ratings, number of app installs and updates.

Some of the best app store optimization services will provide you with a list of factors crucial for ASO, such as:

  • App Name/Title: The keyword that is used in the headline should be the one that receives the most search volume. Because it might be detrimental to alter your title often, take the time to discover which keyword is. Word of mouth will start to spread about your app as it ranks higher and gets more reviews. Changing the title may hinder the spread of news about your software.
  • Keywords: Knowing the keywords that your target market uses most frequently will help you raise your search rank. Monitoring rivals might help you see how you stack up week to week.
  • Ratings and Reviews: This is also important and challenging to handle. However, there are strategies to encourage content consumers to rate and review.
  • The Number of App Downloads: Although you don’t have total control over them, the amount of downloads you receive is essential to ASO. Furthermore, digital marketing company services can help your app reach consumers with marketing tactics.

ASO Strategies to Improve App Downloads

Here are few crucial strategies you should do to boost your ASO app store downloads:

  • Use descriptive app name/title
  • Give better app descriptions
  • Select the relevant category
  • Use keywords judiciously
  • Choose better icons
  • Provide high-quality screenshots
  • Include a preview of the app in a video
  • Utilize app store analytics
  • Earn positive reviews
  • Regularly re-evaluate

Importance of ASO

One of the most crucial KPIs for app publishers and marketers is increasing app downloads and user base size. App store optimization boosts user attractiveness, increases exposure in all app store positions, and aids in converting views into downloads. Optimizing your app’s exposure is continually changing, just like SEO. Although there are several ASO objectives, the main ones are to boost downloads and the number of committed users.

Benefits of ASO

Developing an app store optimization plan is a wise investment for several reasons:

  • Boosts conversion and download rate leading to increased revenue.
  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Focuses on relevant users.
  • Makes apps sustainable.
  • Makes long-term financial savings.

Bottom Line

The performance of app store optimization (ASO) continues to surpass growth trends. In the last several years, apps’ importance and worth have been solidified as a crucial marketing strategy. Similar to SEO, ASO is a practice that must be watched over and continuously improved over time. And anyone well-versed in SEO should have no trouble translating their knowledge to ASO. Currently, the main difficulty is figuring out how to have people find apps naturally inside the big app stores. Best app store optimization services can help you with the given measures. You can immediately implement them to improve and optimize your apps to yield positive outcomes. Author Bio: – Prashant Shukla is heading the search operations at Techmagnate. He is a digital marketing expert with more than 9 years of experience. He is sought-after for providing exponential growth to the businesses via digital marketing.

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