How do you choose a digital marketing agency in 2023?

Digital marketing agency, A good reputation is the basis for a high visibility in internet is good visibility. Internet, SEO is an important element of your marketing plan. To ensure proper control of this acquisition lever, outsourcing the managing of your natural referencing strategy by confiding it in an SEO agency or multi-lever company. What are the factors that you should consider when trying in order to choose the right agency? Find out in this article most important steps to pick the best one for you.


Perhaps you are hesitant to hand over the management of your primary source of reference in an agent? Here are some benefits agencies provide that you need to take into consideration when making your decision.

An expert in the area, digital marketing agency masters all of the natural methods for referencing and works to boost its visibility for your website through Google.

Enhancing your SEO’s position requires SEO knowledge, experience and understanding of various developments in search engines and trends in the industry.

If you’re lacking the necessary expertise or SEO experts on your team , or when you’re running short of the time to do it, managing your SEO on your own could result in negative results and lead to negative results.

What are the benefits that come with the use of an SEO agency?

It includes numerous profiles that have multiple abilities (SEO consultant web editor developer, web-designer.

She has mastered numerous essential tools to ensure the best natural search engine referencing (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, etc.) ;

Her knowledge is always up-to-date with the latest changes and trends in the field;

It helps you improve your performance in natural referencing

helps you save time since it lessens your work load;

It will help you learn It can transfer its knowledge to you!

What are the major tasks of an SEO agency?

Audits of editorial and technical aspects: Semantic analysis selection of keywords, study of hyperlinks…

The design of your seo strategy identify its objectives and optimizing your technical aspects of the site as well as the optimization of your content you publish….

Implementation of your SEO plan: writing Meta description tags, net linking actions as well as the marketing of content….

Monitoring and reporting of SEO activities: monitoring of the execution of SEO actions, monitoring your position on Google search results and analysis of your conversions and traffic…

Competitive research and development of search engines: monitoring of SEO technical developments and monitoring of updates to search engines monitoring of changes in the behavior of search engines as well as benchmarking websites, etc.


Verify its credibility

An excellent sign of proficiency is notoriety. So , how do you assess your reputation on the internet ?

Find out if she runs any blog in which she can share her knowledge and experience;

Go through their Facebook activity;

Check if she is involved in any events in her industry…

Ask for customer references

To show its experience and the results achieved the agencies will highlight specific clients’ references. It is possible to make contact with specific clients to get comments on their experiences with the agency. The exchange will give you information about the quality of the services provided and customer service.

It is also possible to examine their case studies of customers as well as “use cases” (often offered as free downloads). They give an overview of the strategies put into place and the results achieved in relation to a specific client.

Exchange with an agency:

Another option to choose the agency you want to work with is scheduling the time to meet with them . In person or via videoconference, it’s important to be attentive to certain aspects of the conversation:

Are people listening?

Do they know about your company and sector?

Does the agency have the ability to conduct a quick assessment of your situation and suggest areas of improvement?

Do you have a chance to show her the same customer case as yours and the results they have achieved?

SEO specialists must adjust to the level of SEO expertise of every client. Therefore, if you are unable to understand specific technical terms, the agency needs to explain the concepts in a straightforward and understandable manner.

A image of digital marketing agency

Check financial strength:

The process of improving its positioning is a process that requires time. You are committing to the new partner for a period of time. Therefore, it is essential to verify the financial condition of the company to ensure that you don’t end up without your partner in a matter of minutes. You will find all the required details within the notices of legality on the digital marketing agency website to access these on websites and tools to gather this information.


Offer you an excellent audit. In order to establish a successful natural reference strategy the agency must absolutely conduct an SEO audit of your website. It will reveal the strongest and weak points of your website in regards to SEO and identify the areas to improve and the best method to accomplish it.

The audit contains 3 analyses:

Analysis of technical aspects: structure of your site, navigation, mobile adaptation the loading time …;

Semantic and Content Analysis: quality of the contents, the structuring of the content, and whether it generates qualified traffic

Analysis of Notoriety: number and quality of Backlinks…

Audits are therefore an essential task that the agency has to perform prior to any proposal.

It gives you an individualized strategy

Being able to establish a strong position on the internet is very beneficial, however attracting attention and changing them into customers is even more effective . Since each customer has its own target market and goals it is crucial to ensure that the company offering the client a distinct approach.

The SEO agency will be aware of a amount of elements like the image of your brand and your competitors, or your policy on commercial transactions, to provide you with a suitable deal.

This is the reason why the audit performed by the agency has to be of high-quality to ensure that every solution and strategy is carefully examined, and you do not pay for services that won’t be beneficial to your site.

White Hat methods

The agency you choose to work with must definitely employ ” white hat ” SEO methods !

White SEO is believed as “ethical “because it is in line with the expectations from Internet users while adhering to the rules set by the search engine. It is based upon a number of aspects:

Your site’s performance website;

User experience;

The quality of the editorial content.

However, this technique that is authorized requires a bit of time to see results. It can take between 3 and 6 months to get the first results from SEO.

This is the reason that many are enticed to employ “black hat” techniques. “Black hat” SEO can be quicker to produce results, however it could because significant penalties such as removal of a website from search results altogether. It takes advantage of weaknesses in algorithms, and can alter results. It is crucial not to put your faith in an organization using these methods!

A simple and effective analysis tool:

As we have explained to you earlier, an agency that specializes in SEO is not happy to job on its own without a clear communication with you.

A reputable agency has learned to use of analytical devices (like google suite, for instance) Google suite) and can explain the process of analyzing the data as well as the strategies to be used.

She must be able:

Configure Google Analytics;

Be aware of how to utilize the reporting tool;

Find relevant and useful data;

The ratios should be explained in a clear manner.

Create a Link

Additionally, a reputable SEO agency should be close to their customers and responsive. They must be able to give you answers and be accessible.

But, don’t contact him all day long… A company has a variety of clients and requires enough time to accommodate everybody!

You will likely talk with her frequently, which is why you must get along well with your colleagues so that the team’s collaboration is as effective as it can be and it will last for a long time.

In the end, choosing an SEO agency can help you achieve better SEO results and also save time. An experienced agency is attentive to your needs, uses powerful tools, and adheres to the SEO “rules”. In order to provide you with a customized digital strategy, they must provide strategies that can increase your web presence.

Are you considering hiring an agency? Our Just Search team would be glad to assist you and design your SEO strategies. Don’t hesitate to reach us!

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