Chat GPT Vs Google Bard | Everything you need to know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) never fails to impress people. One of its recent innovations, including the uncanny Chat bot named Chat GPT, has been taking the internet by storm since the end of 2022. Undoubtedly, Chat bot is a hot topic right now. From promptly answering queries to creating quality content, it is no less than a gold mine for businesses. This time and cost-cutting option have created endless possibilities for digital marketers and businesses to fulfill their content needs.

According to studies, Chat GPT’s creator, OpenAI, expects it to generate over $200 million in revenue by the end of 2023 and hit $1 billion in 2024.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT, launched by OpenAI in November 2022, is an AI-based Chabot system. The AI Chabot can stimulate real conversations with a human, search the internet for information, answer queries, and come up with ideas and more. It has received tons of attention since its launch in November 2022, and for good reasons. Chat bot is powered by large amounts of data and computing techniques to make predictions to string words together in a meaningful way. Even Microsoft saw its potential and promptly invested $10 billion into OpenAI.

How does Chat GPT work?

It is supported by a sophisticated algorithm called a large language model. These algorithms are incorporated with massive amounts of textual data that allows them to respond to prompts in a realistic, human-like fashion, a computational system known as natural language processing.

How do you use Chat GPT?

It is highly effective and easy to use. To get started, first, you’ll need to create an OpenAI account. It is easy to set up and only requires mentioning an email address and phone number. Once you fill in the required details, you’ll be able to use Chat bot and the company’s other tools, like DALL E 2, an AI art tool that creates illustrations based on text prompts.

Just like a normal messaging app or Chabot, ChatGPT includes a text field where you can type in your questions or requests. All you need to do is give the Chabot a prompt, and it will respond within seconds.

For example, the questions you ask from Chat GPT can range from basic to difficult such as ‘Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘Can you write an introductory video script for my company?’ This Chabot is ready to answer any question, so feel free to get creative.

However, using Chat bot can be a bit frustrating for the average user. Using it requires an approach and knowledge of the kind of questions you should ask the AI Chatbot. Moving ahead, we are going to discuss how you should go about using the GPT.

Where to start: Structuring your ideas

First, you need to define what you want from Chat GPT. You might be willing to use GPT for multiple reasons, as follow:

  •         To create a 2500-word blog with an intro paragraph that states the problem for the reader.
  •         To get an answer to a query.
  •         Get more details about a topic.
  •         Get a call to action that engages the reader to take the next step.
  •         Last, to get some excellent H2 headers for on-page SEO to be included in the article.

How to get started? Writing your first request

Just like your unpaid intern, Chat GPT deserves to know all about you, your audience, and what you are trying to accomplish. Or else, how it’s going to meet your expectations? Throwing unclear questions in the chat box won’t give you precise information.

You need to provide complete information; for example, I am a digital marketer. My company, XYZ, is trying to provide SEO services. I would like an article for my audience. What topics would they be interested in?

How to structure your blog article?

Once you provide all the information, Chat GPT will respond with several ideas for blog topics and what your audience is interested in. You can also try and ask GPT to provide you with 5 frequently asked questions about the topic. The AI bot will let you know FAQs on a given topic, so you can make your blog more engaging.

How to prompt chat GPT for better content

Now that GPT knows all about you, the topic you discussed, and the idea of your audience’s needs. You can ask for the final output. For example, Can you write an article about (topic) and answer the question (question)? Separate the article into sections using H2 tags.

Now that you know how to use Chat bot, it’s time to discuss the AI Chabot’s best alternative, such as Google Bard.

What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Bard?

Soon after the launch of Chat bot, Google announced its AI chat service, Bard, a direct competition to Open AI’s GPT. Both Chat GPT and Google Bard are AI language models, but there are some key differences.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between Google Bard and Chat GPT:

  •         Google Bard is designed to gather information from data and sources already available on the internet. On the other hand, GPT’s knowledge is limited to events through 2021. Bard will access up-to-date information and provide more current information.
  •         Google bard has access to a plethora of data and can be integrated with Google’s search engine, giving it a competitive edge over Chat GPT, which is backed by Microsoft.
  •         Chat GPT is prone to making up facts and stories. On the other hand, Google Bard is thought to provide more accurate data to users.

What is the difference between Chat GPT and GPT 3?

Chat GPT and GPT 3 are both large language models trained by OpenAI, but they have some key differences. GPT 3, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, is the third generation of Open AI’s GPT language model and is currently one of the most powerful models available.

On the other hand, Chat GPT is the variant of the GPT 3 model, specifically designed for Chabot applications. In terms of performance, Chat GPT is not as powerful as GPT 3, but it is better suited for Chabot applications.

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