Navigating the Amazon Beauty Marketplace: Tips and Tricks for Success

Amazon is a fantastic approach to attracting new customers and boosting revenue. By selling in the Amazon Beauty Marketplace, you can get your products in front of potential buyers and start making money.

Amazon Beauty Marketplace offers services that can help you reach more customers and maximize profits. With the right approach, selling in Amazon Beauty Marketplace can be incredibly lucrative.

However, it takes more than just listing your products. Also, it would be best to comprehend how Amazon functions to maximize your listings and distinguish yourself from the competition.

This article will discuss all the steps to successfully sell your goods on Amazon Beauty.

Amazon Beauty Categories and Subcategories

Before Amazon Beauty existed in the e-commerce world, brands had to go through a tedious approval process to list their goods under the beauty category. Now, beauty brands can choose to fall under three major subcategories of Amazon Beauty:

Amazon Professional Beauty

Amazon Professional Beauty is a subcategory that contains products common in beauty and health-related establishments such as dermatology clinics, salons, and spas. Among the products you can find here are those intended for hair, nails, and skin use.

Amazon Premium Beauty

Amazon Premium or Luxury Beauty offers a wide selection of the most sought-after luxury beauty brands. It includes brands belonging to celebrities, beauty influencers, and other lesser-known brands.

This subcategory offers a wide range of products, including skincare, makeup, hair care, fragrance, and more.

Amazon Indie Beauty

The platform launched Amazon Indie Beauty in 2018, including skincare and cosmetic products not sold at popular retail stores such as Walmart or Target. Products sold in Indie Beauty are at least 50% owned by an individual—not manufacturers or large companies.

Requirements to Sell Your Goods in Amazon Beauty

When selling on Amazon, you’re bound to encounter a few challenges. Whether you like it or not, setting up an e-commerce store may not be a walk in the park—from setting up to the official product launching on your site.

Such challenges are normal when setting up a business. The good thing about it is that it can lead to success if you have quality products and know the right customers to sell your goods.

Your product listing

To sell on Amazon Beauty, you’ll want to prepare your products by providing information like the brand name, features, high-quality images, and price.

Your product will be assigned a new ASIN, the Amazon Standard Identification Number. It helps with product identification from the catalog. Other essential information you need to provide for product listing includes:

  • Product title (all first letters of every word should be in capital letters)
  • Images (high-resolution, 500×500 or 1,000×1,000 pixels)
  • Compelling description (short but sweet, highlight benefits and key features in bullet form)
  • Variations (flavor, scents, sizes, color, etc.)
  • Optimization (using keywords to improve product listing visibility)


All products sold on Amazon Beauty should be packaged according to Amazon’s packaging guidelines. The packaging should be durable enough to protect the items during transit.

According to Amazon’s rules, cosmetic items must have labels that are easy to read and list the product name, quantity, weight, size, and other important information. Beauty products should include ingredients, instructions, warnings, and relevant information.

Product and ingredients

Amazon Beauty should ensure that all beauty products sold on their site are free from hazardous substances or ingredients. Likewise, the packaging should indicate the ingredients list.

Moreover, you should check that the item is animal cruelty-free and doesn’t contain animal-derived or other banned ingredients. You can check the list of products and components banned in the e-commerce platform.

How to be Successful Selling in Amazon Beauty

Here are tips to be successful in selling your products on Amazon Beauty:

1.     Be ready with customer reviews

Gather customer feedback if you want to sell your products on Amazon Beauty. Positive feedback gives you a greater chance of reaching Amazon’s top organic search results.

Ensure the feedback comes from legitimate users, not some bot, or it could compromise your products’ reputation.

2.     Expect waiting time for approval

The beauty category has strict guidelines because customers will use these products on their skin. To ensure users’ safety, Amazon should make sure the products are legitimate to sell and safe to use. You must wait for Amazon’s approval to sell beauty products there.

Ensure the products are brand new and untouched and include their ingredients list and the FDA-approval seal if applicable. A COA (Certificate of Analysis) and purchase orders from the manufacturer may also be required.

3.     Know the competition

The beauty category is one of the biggest categories on Amazon.

You can imagine how many products are sold in this category, competing for customers’ attention. Your products need to stand out from the competition.

It’s crucial to pinpoint what makes your product different and superior to the competition when you’re selling a product. Once you’ve identified those factors, ensure to include those in your listing description.

4.     Be ready for Brand Registry

Brand Registry helps you grow, manage, and protect your product. Amazon Brand Registry will protect your brand from unscrupulous sellers and give access to A+ and video content on your listings.

The only catch is that your products should have a trademark. It takes time and money—usually, it would take months to receive a brand trademark. But the long wait can be worth it if you want to gain leverage with your brand.

5.     Anticipate product demand

Ensure you have enough inventory of in-demand or fast-moving products. The more customer reviews, the more people buy that product. You can also check the search tab to see how many customers search for a product.

Check if beauty bloggers and influencers review that specific beauty brand or product. This way, you’ll know how high or low the demand for a product is.


A fantastic option to start a business and earn money from the convenience of your home is to sell things online. However, you must do your part to ensure your products are safe and avoid legal problems from aggravated customers later on.

Learn about the products that sell on Amazon, so you can offer the products people seek. It’s also an opportunity to sell your homemade goods on Amazon and put them on the market. But comply with all the requirements per Amazon Guidelines, so you have smooth-sailing online selling ahead.

By being equipped and well-researched, you can become a successful Amazon Beauty seller in no time!

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