German Farmers Plant More Rapeseed, Less Winter Wheat

German Farmers Plant More Rapeseed, Less Winter Wheat 

Rapeseed oil is also an edible variety of canola oil in the United States of America. It is produced from a plant (Brassica Napus) and is used for cooking and industrial processes. It may be a healthier option when compared to saturated fats such as butter and has a fat profile that contains omega-3 fatty acids. Growers may grow it commercially for use as oil and animal feed. Rapeseed oil with high erucic acid has industrial uses in the automotive and chemical industries. Canola oil in America or low erucic acid rapeseed oil in Europe containing 2-5% erucic acid can be used as cooking oil. 

Agricultural Production In Germany 

Germany is the European Union’s 2ndlargest producer of wheat (after France) and is a major exporter of the commodity. Germany is also one of the EU’s largest rapeseed producers which is Europe’s most important oilseed for edible oil and biodiesel production. 

As per the national statistics agency on 22nd December’22, the winter wheat sown area in Germany for the 2023 harvest has seen a reduction by around 1.9% in the year to about 2.8 million hectares. Instead, the German farmers have turned to the planting of winter rapeseed for the sowing for the 2023 crop period which has expanded by 7.6% to around 1.2 million hectares. 

The oilseed crops and the grain output in Germany suffered from an unusually hot summer with a prolonged drought in many parts of the country. The sowings by German farmers of the winter’s barley (largely used for animal feed) were expanded by 5.1% to 1.3 million hectares, as per the agency. The planting of the feed grain triticale was cut down by 5.9% to 304,900 hectares and the planting of rye and other minor grains of the winter was expanded by 4.3% to 612,900 hectares. 

Current Scenario In Germany

Estimates presented by the agency are traditionally one of the first detailed accounts of the indicated prospects for the upcoming harvest in Germany. 

“Cultivation of rapeseed has become more attractive for farmers especially following the higher prices after the poor Canadian crop in 2021 and the war in Ukraine,” the agency further said. Ukraine, a major rapeseed exporter saw its farming and export of rapeseed disrupted by the conflict between the country and Russia. “In addition, winter rapeseed crop yields in the 2022 harvest season were robust in many regions despite heat waves and dryness,” the agency also stated. 

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