Three Ways to Make Your Corbett Trip Special

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  • Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Corbett is a destination in northern India’s Uttarakhand region that offers mild temperatures. The park covers 1318.54 km of dense deciduous forest, with 520 km being the main area. The buffer is located in the beautiful surroundings of Almora, Nainital, and Pauri Garhwal. It is a popular hill station and town of Corbett.

Rendezvous With Corbett Nature in a Slightly Chilly Morning

The changing weather conditions are reflected in the rising temperature. It’s going to be a spectacular sight whether you spot tigers or not, but it will make you feel like you are in Corbett’s forest . Many people are eager to see the current weather conditions. It is amazing how exciting such a moment can be.

Fauna Meet & Greet

Sal’s forest orchards are home to over 600 species of birds. There are also 50 mammal species in the park. The park protects leopards and elephants, sloth bears and spotted deer, langur monkeys and gharials, as well as sloth bears and sloth bears. It is easy to spot tigers while you are able to graze elephant herds in the grassy grasslands close to water.

Staycation Amid Corbett Jungle Lodges

Corbett is located in Ramnagar (260 km northeast from Delhi), 15 km away. Visitors love to stay in guest houses within the park. If you book online, you can get hotels and safari opportunities in your preferred zone. Our site does not mention many jungle lodges, but private resorts in jim corbett located outside of the park may offer great sighting opportunities and a stunning view from your room.

What can you do in Corbett?

Enjoy the mild temperatures, Corbett’s stunning valleys and the flora, fauna and fauna of National Park. Outdoor adventure activities are in full swing. You can also enjoy river rafting or mountain biking to enhance your adventure. For more information, you can contact hotels and tour operators. You can also visit the Corbett Museum, which is a great place to see beauty and make your trip memorable.

Best Wildlife Photograph Spots in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is a great place to take nature photographs in India. This wildlife spot is a magnet for wildlife photographers and nature lovers. They are able to push their boundaries and make the most out of their photography tour. Corbett’s wild side is a great opportunity to test your photographic skills. Photograph the beauty of nature in its purest form.

You will be able to see leopards, elephants and sambars on a safari here. It also houses the royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bears and red foxes as well as many bird species. The Himalayas support this stunning setting, with their impressive structure of deep forest, candid water bodies, and abundant greenery. It is easy to spot photography-worthy destinations here.

You can arrange your safari tour photography shoots in various zones, such as Dhikala Zone and other areas within Corbett National Park. This will allow you to capture the best wildlife sightings. It is important to tell the Guide about your preferences regarding capturing priority species and birds. You can then plan when you will be able to spot your favourite animals according to the seasons.

Our goal is to find you at the right spot and time so that you can enjoy the screening of these beautiful wild animals.

Big Cat Safari

Safari to Big Cat is a thrilling safari. Photographing big cats for photographers is an amazing experience. The best time to go on a big cat adventure is between April and June.

Bird Watching Safari

Corbett is the best place to visit if you are passionate about bird photography. For wildlife photographers, this is the best time to visit a park with many species of migratory bird species. Ramganga reservoir is the best place to see this bird paradise.Also visit our resort in ramnagar jim corbett. 

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Tiger Safari

Corbett is home to more than 200 tigers. Tiger safaris can be booked for morning, evening, or a full-day safari. Full day safaris to Dhikala Jhirna, Jhirna, Dhela and Bijrani will give you the chance to spot tigers. You can also capture elephants.

Important Note:

Corbett is home to no wild buffalo, rhinoceros or lions.

Multiple items can be used to capture multiple shots of wildlife.

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