How to Drive Engagement, Reach, Traffic, and Sales with Social Media Marketing

A whopping 59% of the world population is on social media. There are different platforms for various purposes where users create accounts. An average user spends almost 2.5 hours on multiple platforms daily. Imagine the potential of social media to generate business and establish a bran

73% of digital marketers believe in the potential of social media for business development. Supporting this fact, 3 out of 4 internet users focus on brand research in social media. In the same context, 71% of consumers who enjoyed a good experience with a business on social media platforms will recommend it to their peers. Nearly 49% of consumer decisions are encouraged by social media influencers. Hence, social media can play an essential factor in the success of a business. Therefore, startups and SMEs hire social media management services for better impact and outcomes.

Typical social media services include the following aspects with a data-driven strategy to concentrate on.

  • Designing social media channel-specific approaches according to the user demography and developing content accordingly.
  • Proper strategic planning for social media marketing and implementing it step by step
  • Creating social media content according to the business genre and propositions and publishing it on time
  • Doing comprehensive and extensive SMM research and analysis to generate data-driven reports for better decision making
  • Providing business education to clients and consultation service

How do these social media services drive traffic engagement, lead conversion and sales increment?

  1.  Social media profile creation and optimization

Creating a business-specific social media profile is mandatory, and marketing it for better exposure will attract organic traffic and develop an excellent base to rely on. Moreover, social media profiles need to be optimized with search engines and social media platforms for better exposure.

  •  Target audience analysis

One of the prime reasons to hire a social media marketing company is to understand a target audience. Understanding the demographic features of a target audience will assist in designing better engagement strategies by creating exclusive content and a business image.

It has been found that only 11% of brands reply to customers on social media. On the other hand, 34% of customers prefer getting replies on social media for customer support.

  •  Consistent posts

Social media user engagement depends on consistent posts. Considering region, target audience, time zone, weekdays, etc and posting content will drive traffic and enhance sales.

  •  Viral content

Another way of making a business a hit overnight is by creating viral content. Memes, short videos, etc., are the best tools for audiovisual and image content used in social media marketing that generates followers faster.

  •  Social media engagement posts

Posting engaging content when the audience is active such as posts, polls, Q&A sessions, live interactions, podcasts, etc., will also turn out to be an exceptional method to generate organic traffic and boost sales.


Researching competitors and creating a strong business presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., will assist in establishing a business digitally. For this, hire a social media marketing agency with experience in a business-specific industry.

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