7 Effective Tips for Safe And Healthy Pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the most blessed and exciting times in the life of a woman. This often leads to inspiring women to make healthy lifestyle habits and food choices. They can even work towards a healthy body weight if needed.

The top gynecologist in Rawalpindi says that if a woman wants to take care of her newborn baby then she needs to take care of herself and her unborn baby first. As soon as a woman gets the news of becoming a mother, she automatically starts thinking of her baby and plans everything regarding it. But, as soon as you get to know that you are pregnant, you need to visit your gynecologist and plan your journey of pregnancy with the doctor.

Now, if you are already pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you must already know that you shouldn’t take much stress, avoid smoking or drinking alcohol, eat healthy nutritious food and of course, get sufficient sleep. Well, sleep is extremely important after all.

Now, you must be wondering what else there is that you need to know.

From eating healthy foods to planning pregnancy, there are numerous tips that can help a mother-to-be. These tips can surely help pregnant women in ensuring healthy and safe prenatal development.

Consider the following tips for a blissful journey for the mother-to-be.

1- Take Prenatal Vitamins

It is indeed a smart choice to start prenatal vitamins as soon as you know that you are pregnant. In fact, doctors recommend taking prenatal vitamins even when you are trying to conceive. However, you need to ask your medical health provider for prenatal vitamins. If taking them makes you feel uneasy, you must tell your doctor and take them with light food. Eating candy or chewing gum after it can help as well.

2- Moderate Exercise

Staying physically active is extremely important for our overall health. But, for pregnant women, it is essential as it helps in reducing stress, boosts your mood, and improves blood circulation.

Pregnant women can talk walk for 15-20 minutes or take any pregnancy exercise class. Yoga, swimming, pilates, and walking are some of the great exercises for most pregnant ladies. But, before you start any exercise, you need to consult your doctors. Listen to your body and don’t over-exert yourself.

3- Pen Down your Birth Plan

You must definitely be thinking about your pregnancy journey i.e. if you are counting on taking epidurals or having a doula. Well, you need to pen down your wish list and provide that list to everyone that is going to be involved in the delivery.

Here are some of the suggestions that you need to consider while you are working on your pregnancy plan:

  • Who do you want to be there for your pregnancy
  • The procedure you want to opt for pregnancy (in case you have a different case)
  • Which position is preferable for you for delivery
  • Any specific clothes you want to wear
  • What kind of medication do you want and need to avoid
  • How to tackle if any complication happen
  • Write down your stress triggers and be mindful of your mental health

4- Educate Yourself Properly

For first-time mothers, it is always very important that you attend classes regarding childbirth. It will help in preparing you for delivery. It is not only for first-time mothers but also for anyone even after having their first baby. Such classes would help you in learning more about infant and child care. But, make sure to ask relevant questions and raise valid concerns, if you have any.

You also need to talk about your family history, if you have any genetic illness, any complications with past pregnancies, or past health issues, and report any incidences in your family regarding birth defects.

5- Try Kegels

Pelvic floor exercise such as kegel exercises is really good for you. Pelvic floor exercises help you in supporting your uterus, bowels, and bladder. If you are doing these exercises properly, it can make delivery easier and safer, thus preventing any problems.

Want to know the fun and best part about kegel? Well, no one can tell whether you are practicing it or not, so you can do kegel in your car as well.

Here is how you can do it properly:

  • Practice squeezing as if you are trying to stop the urine flow while you use the bathroom
  • Hold it for 3 seconds and then relax for the next 3 seconds
  • Repeat this process for 3 times

6- Remove Toxins from Your Life

Toxins are extremely harmful to the body. Because it is linked with miscarriage, birth defects, and various other health issues. For this very reason, you need to avoid drinking alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, and even addictive solvents such as nail polish removers or paint thinners during pregnancy.

Smoking is not only injurious to your health but is also extremely harmful to the developing fetus as decreases the flow of oxygen to your baby. It is also linked to premature birth along with other health complications.

7- Hydrate Yourself Properly

During pregnancy, it is extremely important that you hydrate yourself properly. For the proper growth and development of the baby, it is essential that the baby is properly getting oxygen and blood supply.

Drinking water can help you with your pregnancy. It can also help in preventing fatigue, UTIs, constipation, hemorrhoids, swelling, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy.

Take Home Message,

Above mentioned are just a few pregnancy tips that can help you with a safe and easy pregnancy. Make sure to take care of yourself just like you take care of your baby. If you have any queries or concerns you can always consult with your gynecologist.

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