The Advantages of Dry Lining

A Popular Choice for New Homes

When it comes to finishing internal walls and ceilings you have a couple of options. Dry Lining is a really popular choice for the new casing. It involves plasterboard being applied to the foundation and is quick, easy, and important cleaner than traditional styles.

Using plasterboard is an ultramodern way to produce partition walls that can suit all and any installation.

At Lynco we can design, force, and install a wide range of high-quality lining results. We offer wall-filling systems from leading assiduity specialists like British Gypsum, Siniat, and Knauf. And can give our guests the most stylish possible advice to produce the asked aesthetic, aural, thermal, and fire performance.

What Choose Dry Filling?

Dry Filling is now the most effective and cost-effective way to cataplasm. By applying cataplasm boards or analogous board accouterments it allows you to achieve a fully smooth and clean finish. The most recognizable advantage of dry filling is how quick it can be.

Using plasterboards can greatly speed up this process and you can avoid the issues of cracking or face problems that come with wet cataplasm. This system also fully eliminates the staying period for wet cataplasm to dry. Which depending on the time of time, can take up to many days.

In comparison, dry-lined shells and partition walls can be painted and decorated as soon as it’s completed.

How Does it Work?

Our high-quality plasterboards are available in a wide range of lengths, extents, and thicknesses. However, fibers can be added for redundant strength and continuity, If demanded. We also offer humidity-resistant dry filling, perfect for bathrooms.

The dry filling can either be fixed to the internal face of a wall and ceiling or it can be fixed to a secondary frame similar to essence or timber. Each material will bear a specialist fixing fashion.

Once our dry-filling contractors fit the boards, jointing tape recording can be applied to any edges or placed around screw and nail heads. The joining emulsion also used is generally a dry grease paint which requires some added water. formerly dry again, it can be sealed and decorated.

This system is generally brisker than wet cataplasm and it allows for further lightweight construction. Dry-lined walls are also easier to change, making structures much more flexible.

The Benefits More sequestration

A popular benefit of dry filling is that it increases sequestration and also stops condensation. This is because dry filling itself leaves a depression behind the plasterboard. The vapor hedge can be packed full of sequestration to keep your structure warmer and help with energy loss.

Easy Emendations

As we mentioned ahead, dry-filling results are simple and effective. They can be applied to any face allowing you to fleetly ameliorate any room. Always leaving a smooth and professional finish, that’s easy to embellish.

Improved Acoustics

As specialist dry-filling contractors, we insure that our plasterboard is high quality and comes in a range of choices. Soundproofing plasterboards can be installed to radically alter and ameliorate the acoustics of any setting. The dry filling can produce the ideal atmosphere for home services, children’s rooms,s and relaxing wet apartments.

Can Conceal Pipes and Cables

The dry filling can make emendations much easier and because of its inflexibility, it can be used to hide uncomely cables, pipes, and uneven walls. It’s a simple and effective result perfect for garret and basement emendations.

Quick and Easy

One of the biggest advantages of this cataplasm system is its speed. Dry filling allows partition walls to be installed snappily and fluently.


When it comes to manpower and time, the dry filling is important quicker than the traditional styles. And the lower time spent completing the design, the further cost-effective it can be.

It’s snipper snapper

The cataplasm board used in dry filling is incredibly featherlight. It uses lower water in comparison to wet cataplasm meaning the end product is important lighter. The plastering is also less likely to develop cracks so you need to worry about getting tire-done.

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