5 Careers That Require You To Have Excellent Vision

20/20 vision is a term that refers to perfect vision, and having it can open up many career opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a career that pays well or has excellent vision and wants a career that caters to this, several options are available. From pilots and firefighters to police officers and surgeons, there are many jobs out there that require you to have great vision. If you’re looking for a career that requires you to have a perfect vision, these seven careers are worth considering. With the right training and qualifications, you could soon be making a living from a job that plays to your strengths.

Airline Pilot

If you’re a visual person who likes to travel and meet new people, a career as an airline pilot could be the perfect fit. Pilots in training should anticipate having to pass quite a few tests before they get their wings. Eye exams are just one example. Both commercial pilots and military pilots take on high-stress jobs, but the salaries can be very rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for airline pilots is $132,290. The best way to get a foot in the door is to join a flight school and gain your commercial pilot’s license. You can expect to pay around $20,000 for training and around $10,000 for the license. Once you’ve got your license, you can start applying for open positions. There are lots of websites that allow you to post your resume for free, and pilot recruitment agencies can also be helpful.


Firefighters are the first people on the scene when something goes wrong, so their work is extremely important. Becoming a firefighter requires a high level of fitness and strength, but excellent vision can also make all the difference. As long as you meet the health and fitness requirements, you could earn a good salary as a firefighter. Firefighters are first responders, responsible for putting out fires as well as rescuing people who may be trapped in a building or vehicle. The BLS reports that firefighters earn a median salary of $45,660 per year. Becoming a firefighter is a competitive process and you’ll need to complete an application and pass a written exam. You may also be required to pass a physical fitness test. Having a 20/20 vision isn’t a requirement, but it can be helpful. You’ll need adequate eyesight to maneuver around burning buildings and perform all the other duties of a firefighter.

Police Officer

Police officers are responsible for keeping the streets safe, so it’s a job that requires a great deal of strength, stamina, and diligence. If you have a 20/20 vision, you are already one step closer to becoming an effective police officer. In most cases, 20/20 vision is considered the minimum standard for police officers, so if you have perfect vision, it could help you stand out from the crowd. As a police officer, you’ll be required to respond to emergency calls and make arrests. The BLS reports that the average annual salary for a police officer is $59,911, but its rewards reach beyond the pay. To become a police officer, you’ll need to complete an application and pass a written exam. You’ll also need to attend a police academy where you’ll study criminal law, first aid, and other essential skills. Although it is not a requirement, a 20/20 vision can be a huge advantage.


Surgeons are responsible for performing complex medical procedures and saving lives. If you have excellent vision and an interest in medicine, you could become a surgeon and make a very good salary. To become a surgeon, you’ll need to complete a medical degree followed by a surgical residency with involved medical coaching. Throughout your training, you’ll need to maintain a level of visual excellence by taking care of your eyes or wearing appropriate corrective lenses. Surgeons earn a median salary of $170,000 per year according to the BLS. Becoming a surgeon is a competitive process and it requires a great deal of time and effort, but perfect vision will help.


Astronauts are responsible for traveling in space and conducting experiments in low-gravity environments. It’s a job that sounds like it’s right out of a science fiction movie, and it’s also one of the highest-paid careers requiring near-perfect vision. If you have a 20/20 vision and a passion for space, you could become an astronaut and earn a very high salary. To become an astronaut, you’ll need to have a background in science and engineering. You’ll also need to complete a rigorous selection process that includes years of training and preparation. Having a perfect vision isn’t a requirement to be an astronaut, but it is an invaluable advantage, especially considering the groundbreaking and high-pressure tasks at hand.


Having an excellent vision can be a huge advantage in any career, but there are some careers that require this more than others. From airline pilots and firefighters to surgeons and astronauts, there are many jobs out there relying heavily on sound eyesight. Whether you have 20/20 vision, wear eyeglasses or contact lenses or have LASIK, it’s important to look after your eyes. And remember, eyesight can deteriorate as you grow older. For this reason, it’s important to schedule regular eye exams every two years. If your eyesight does start to get worse, there are treatments available that can help you to see better.


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