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An insurance policy for your mobile device is a plan that covers financial losses caused by damage to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or mobile screen. With some mobile protection plans, you can also get coverage for accidental or liquid damage to your portable devices and damage to your mobile display screen. In spite of this, mobile insurance plans do not cover damage caused by pollution or contamination of your devices.


There are plenty of mobile insurance plans that do offer coverage for common damages like screen breakage. Insurance policies of this kind cover 100% of the device’s invoice value smartphone before any coupons, cashback, or discounts are applied. Under such plans, screens will be covered if they are damaged in the following ways:


Accidental damage


The insurance plan covers replacing or repairing damaged mobile phone screens in case of fire or theft. You can also receive substantial coverage under such insurance policies if your phone screen breaks down due to an electrical or mechanical issue. Furthermore, one should look out for the following features when buying a phone screen insurance plan:


Security benefits 


Nowadays, mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes. The device is used for sending important emails, shopping online, and making online payments, among other things. In addition to downloading apps, music, and videos, individuals also access the internet via their phones.


When data is exposed in such a way, it can be compromised, resulting in the loss of valuable information like bank account information. To prevent cyber threats, some insurance companies provide security features. The features include anti-virus and anti-malware protection, remote locking and remote data wiping, scream alarms, fraudulent website protection, and more.


Payment options 


It is important to choose an insurance provider that offers a variety of online payment options when considering such plans. In this way, they will be able to pay their premiums in a convenient manner.


Under the conditions mentioned above, one must have the phone in possession when the accident occurs to ensure coverage for phone screen damage like that covered by the Mobile Screen Insurance Policy.


Although replacing your new laptop is not fun, it is worth considering. In the event that your laptop goes wrong, laptop insurance provides you with the assurance of having your laptop replaced, but at the same time, you should make sure it’s worth it for you.


It is possible to cover all sorts of things with a competent laptop insurance policy. Among the many incidents covered are theft, accidental damage, power surges, liquid submersion, and many others. You must know what you need to be covered. If your case is damage proof, you only need theft coverage. If you have a new laptop, you may need full coverage.


Even when padded protective cases are used while traveling, laptops will not hold up as well as desktops if heavily used by a traveller. In addition, when parts need to be replaced, they tend to be somewhat and a lot more expensive than desktop parts. For instance, replacing a screen can cost half as much as replacing a laptop. Keyboards are even more expensive since they usually need to be replaced along with the entire top panel and trackpad.


Pocket Insurance 


The only problem that consumers do have today is paying yet another EMI to get valuable insurance coverage! However, millennial consumers who aren’t too eager to pay for a big-scale insurance cover can invest in a bite-sized Pocket Insurance plan. An insurance plan can be the first step for millennials, who are often reluctant to buy a full-blown policy.


Several situations are covered, but you should choose your insurance based on your needs.


This laptop is designed for computer programmers, software developers/engineers, animators, web designers/developers, or game players. It is an expensive laptop, but you don’t have budget issues so you can use it without any problems. You will get its worth if you are interested in the computer field. The same applies to your laptop if you opt for laptop insurance. To find out what damages are covered by your insurance plan, here is what you can expect:


Replacement and repair coverage for screens


A laptop’s screen can be damaged and cannot always be repaired. Therefore, many experts recommend replacing the screen, which may burn a hole in your pocket. In such a case, laptop insurance policies protect you from such financial burdens and cover the costs of replacing your laptop.


Damage caused by mechanical or electrical systems


A laptop insurance policy does not cover repairing regular wear and tear expenses. However, it covers damages resulting from electrical or mechanical malfunctions of your laptop. With a nominal premium, trusted financial institutions, such as Bajaj Finserv, offer laptop charger insurance, which covers electrical or mechanical damages to your charger.


Protects against theft and burglary


It is possible to purchase a laptop insurance plan to compensate you for the financial losses caused by theft or burglary of your laptop and provide financial protection in the event of liquid spills.


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