How To Fill And Submit Income Tax Challan 281: Step-by-Step Process

Every Indian citizen has a legal obligation to pay income tax. There are several processes involved in paying income tax: completing and filing an Income Tax Challan 281 is one of them. 

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS) payments by corporations and individuals are made using Challan 281

This guide will walk you through filling out and submitting Income Tax Challan 281 step-by-step.

Brief Understanding of Income Tax Challan 281

Form 281 of Income Tax is vital to India’s tax system. It is an official means for personal and corporate entities to meet their tax responsibilities by paying TDS and TCS-related amounts. 

The present section extensively examines Challan 281, highlighting its intended use, importance, and the actors concerned.

Purpose of Income Tax Challan 281

Challan 281 is specifically designed to facilitate seamless payment of TDS and TCS. TDS refers to the tax deducted by a person responsible for making specified payments, such as salaries, interest, rent, etc. TCS, conversely, pertains to the tax collected by sellers from buyers during the sale of certain goods. 

These provisions are established to ensure that tax is collected at the source, preventing tax evasion and ensuring a steady revenue inflow to the government.

Step-By-Step Process of Filling and Submitting Income Tax Challan 281

Below are the steps you must follow to submit Income Tax Challan 281.

Step 1:- Obtain Challan 281 Form

To start the process, you must obtain a copy of the Income Tax Challan 281 form. This form is available on the official website of the Income Tax Department of India ( Look for the ‘Forms’ section or Challan 281 in the search bar. You can download the form in PDF format.

Step 2:- Fill in the Details

Once you have the form, it’s time to fill in the required details. The form consists of various sections that need to be completed accurately:-

· Tax Applicable: Tick the appropriate box to indicate whether you are paying TDS or TCS.

· Assessment Year: Specify the assessment year for which the tax is paid.

· Type of Payment: Select the relevant payment type from the options provided. This could include regular assessment, demand payment, etc.

· PAN: Enter the taxpayer’s Permanent Account Number (PAN).

· Name and Address: Provide the taxpayer’s name and address details.

· Contact Details: Include the contact details such as phone number and email address.

· Major Head Code and Nature of Payment: These codes indicate the type of tax and the purpose of payment. Refer to the tax department’s guidelines or website to find the appropriate codes for your payment.

· Amount Details: Enter the amount of tax being paid. Ensure the amount is correctly entered in figures and words to avoid discrepancies.

Step 3:- Verify the Details

Before proceeding, carefully review all the details you’ve entered on the form. Any mistakes or inaccuracies could lead to issues later on. Make sure the PAN, contact information, and payment details are accurate.

Step 4:- Choose the Payment Mode

Income Tax Challan 281 allows multiple modes of payment:-

· Online Payment: You can use net banking to make payments if you select the online option. Choose the ‘Tax Payment‘ or ‘Income Tax’ section on the website of the specified bank. Complete the necessary fields, then continue with the payment. You will receive a challan counterfoil as evidence of payment after a successful transaction.

· Physical Payment: Take the completed Challan 281 form to any approved bank branch if you prefer the physical mode. Send the form and payment (cash, check, or demand draft) together. The bank will process the payment and provide you with a stamped counterfoil.

Step 5:- Acknowledgment

After making the payment, whether online or physically, you will receive a counterfoil or receipt from the bank. This serves as an acknowledgement of your tax payment. Keep this receipt safe, as it may be required for future references, including filing your income tax return.

Step 6:- Record Keeping

It’s crucial to maintain proper records of your tax payments. Keep copies of the filled-in Challan 281 form, counterfoil, and other relevant documents. This documentation will be useful when filing your income tax return and during any potential audits.


Fulfilling your tax obligations requires completing and sending Income Tax TDS Challan 281, an essential legal duty. 

With the structured approach provided in this article, you can complete the challenge application procedure effortlessly. Remember to double-check all the details, choose the appropriate payment mode, and keep proper payment records for future reference.

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