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Tell me what’s hardchoosing a name for a newborn or choosing a domain name for our new business. As I guess domain name selection and you? Let me know in the comment section below.
So in today’s section, we will go through some important and useful things with examples and references that will help us choose a perfect domain name for your business.
So hello friends, I am your friend Vishwas Bhardwaj, welcome to our Rising Family.
We’ll start with some basic information that you probably already know, so use the table of contents to skip the topic and continue if you’re new.

What is a domain?

Simply domain name is your online name or address or identity which is represented to and help to reach the peoples to you. For example, our domain name is which means if you want to reach us, then simply come on any search engine and search for, and then you will lend our website directly. I think you understand what is the domain name exactly. so now we going to our next question.

Why a perfect domain is important?

As I say we will discuss all things with examples, so tell me why our/your name is important, it is simply because it helps people to remember us, and explain us in front of a third person. As same, the perfect domain name will help to grow us fast because it is looking good, is easy to remember, and is easy to search.

How can choose a perfect domain name business?

To choose a perfect domain name for your business to follow the steps I believe that after the end of this article you will be able to find your domain name easily.

    1. Keep brandable and Unique

A unique and Brandable name is important if you looking to grow your business in the future because it is easy to call, like Amazon, BadaBusiness.

    1. Include your business name in the domain name

It is the best way to choose a domain name because people know your business name and your domain name is also the same, so it will help them to search for you easily.

For example for Tata Motors, for Times of Rising,

    1. Include a short form of your company/Business name

Suppose your company name is too long then the second way is including the short form in the domain.

For example : for The Tata group ,

    1. Go with TLD (.com, .net, .org etc.) extensions

Because of you, we are going to start a business, so go with TLD ( Top Level Domain) extensions because-

      • They are easy to remember
      • Look like professional
      • Some of them show your industry

There are many TLDs are available but it depends on your business goal which is the best for you.

For example :

      • If your business will worldwide then go with – .com
      • If your business will be located only in a particular region/country then go with the country-specific extensions like – .in for India, .us for the USA, .quebec for Canada, and many more.
    1. Buy an existing domain name

Sometimes the domain name with our company name was already taken, then what will we do? So now we have two way-

      • Buy the old domain name which is already taken with your company name.
      • Go with an alternative extension. For example, if was taken then go with
      • Add some extra words in the domain name. For example
    1. Avoid Hyphens

This is another important because sometimes when we see that the domain name was taken then we used some hyphens(-) but this is not a good practice so avoid hyphens because they are not remembered easily.


Although your business depends on our working strategy a perfect domain name is important because in the future you don’t be able to change it.

So I hope you find your answer and if you have any questions then share them with us in the comment section below. We love your comments because they are improving us.

Thanks for supporting us. and best of luck with your new business.

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