Top 8 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Essay Writing Services

Mistakes are the stepping stones to success. But sometimes, these mistakes can cost you a lot of mental exhaustion.


That’s why I personally prefer the saying – “Prevention is better than cure.”


For example, in ancient times, human beings had a hard time protecting their homes from becoming ruins during massive storms. But nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology, people can predict the moment when a storm might hit. This allows them plenty of time to take countermeasures that can prevent disasters.


You should use the same tactic when hiring professional essay writing services.


What Issues Do Students Face After Hiring Professional Writers?


As professional online writing services become more popular every day, students don’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to hire professional experts. After all, when you can rely on PhD scholars with your assignments, you’ve got that A+ in the bag!


Unfortunately, the reality isn’t as rosy as it seems.


The demand for such services has risen to such an extent that there are barely any quality checks on the services. As a result, when students end up hiring an unreliable website, they have to deal with issues like

  • Late delivery of assignments
  • Incomplete papers
  • Lack of in-depth research
  • Expensive services
  • Zero professionalism or responsibility
  • Papers with spelling and grammatical errors
  • Plagiarised content


When you’re already in a bunch of trouble, such issues can really test your patience. So, I’m genuinely not surprised that students wondering, “I wish someone could do my essay for me”, think twice before hiring online professional services nowadays.


Avoid 8 Mistakes & Give Your Grades a Nice Boost

Remember what I said right at the beginning of this blog?

Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.

Well, the best part of hiring essay writing services is that millions of students have made plenty of mistakes hiring such websites. Therefore, instead of taking lessons from your own mistakes, you can just learn from theirs!

After interviewing hundreds of such students, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 vital mistakes that you should NEVER make when hiring such services.


  1. Thinking “expensive is better”


I’ve seen hundreds of students thinking expensive services equate to premium services that guarantee top-notch work. But this isn’t true in most cases. The essay writing services know students are willing to go to any lengths to secure an A+ in this highly competitive world and hike their prices during the demanding seasons.


Price shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when hiring a service. Compare the service charges of three to five websites, and you should have a decent idea of the standard prices.


  1. Hiring without checking expert qualifications


How can you be sure that the essaytyper you’ve hired won’t let you down? Now, I’m not encouraging you to have trust issues, but don’t blindly believe the tall claims made by these writing services unless they have substantial proof of their expertise.


It’s best if the writers have completed their PhDs or at least a Master’s degree. If possible, check students’ reviews for the experts and their experience in the field.


  1. Not looking deeper into customer reviews


Millions of businesses rely on customer reviews to gain the trust of new customers. But did you know that several websites continue to post fake positive reviews to boost their credibility? If you trust every feedback you see online, you might be deceived.


The best solution here is to follow up with the student/customer who made the review. Get in touch with them if possible and learn more about their experience with the service.


  1. Choosing service based on the cheapest price


As someone who was once a student not too long ago, I completely understand why you’d be attracted to services offering dirt-cheap prices. But here’s some advice you should take to heart – if a price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.


Instead of running after the cheapest service, your primary focus should be to balance quality with price. I’ve already mentioned that hiring expensive prices doesn’t mean you’ll get the best results. So, you should carefully think about your budget and find a middle ground.


  1. Closing your eyes to the red flags


People close their eyes to injustice and multiple social evils. But if you extend it to the red flags associated with essay writing services, your grades might suffer the consequences.


One of the biggest red flags I’ve noticed while investigating these online writing services is their inconsistent claims. For example, a service claims that it has been helping students for over 30 years but doesn’t have more than 30 reviews from students!


  1. Not checking the samples


I can bet a million dollars that almost every essay writing service that you browse through will claim to submit plagiarism-free essays. That’s quite a relief, isn’t it? But let’s not forget that several students have complained of receiving plagiarised content despite paying hefty service charges.


Hence, I always advise students to run the sample papers through plagiarism detectors online. The samples available on these websites are supposed to be written by the team. So, if those of a particular website pass the plagiarism checking test, you can rely on that service for unique solutions.


  1. Skipping over the terms & conditions


You could probably count the number of people in the world who read the Terms & Conditions section on one hand. It seems like an insignificant section when signing up for these essay writing services. But if you don’t go through the fine print properly, you wouldn’t know whether the service’s policy covers refunds or revisions.


Students who don’t check these details end up regretting their choice when the expert provides them with low-quality papers, and they can’t file for a refund or send it for revision.


  1. Not checking the turnaround rate


Most students hire professional essay writing services because they want to avoid the hassles of late submission. But I’ve interviewed many students who complained about experts delivering the papers past the deadline.


That’s why you should always check whether the essay writing service has a good reputation for delivering content on time. Contact previous customers, or check whether the website provides refunds for late submissions.


To sum it up,


Online essay writing services have developed a bad reputation for not providing quality guidance. But this issue is restricted only to some unreliable websites. That’s why it’s vital you avoid such services at all costs. The best way to achieve this is by avoiding the common mistakes highlighted in this blog.


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Henry Gerald is a professional assignment help toowoomba at He has over 7 years of experience assisting students with their academic papers. Gerald is also an outstanding teacher and often conducts free tutoring sessions for underprivileged students.

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