Learning in Secondary School Helpful for High School

Advancing from Singapore Secondary School to high school is considered a transformation for students. Transitioning towards new classes, new classmates, new teachers, and a change in school atmosphere; all of these can be amazing and stressful for teenagers.


The feeling of nervousness among the students about moving to high school is perfectly normal and expected. Numerous students face some adaptation issues while beginning high school.

1. Understanding the learning pace

When selecting high school classes in the best private school in Singapore, students would have to decide between signing up for academic-level or applied-level classes. Being aware of the learning speed throughout middle school would help a lot.

2. Engage more in Independent Learning 

As the end of middle school nears, more self-directed learning is beneficial. Letting the child take responsibility for managing time for homework and assignments and maintaining track of deadlines would be preparatory for high school years.

3. Communicating 

Talking about starting high school and the changes would make the child feel at ease. Communicating with the child about the concerns and the methods to overcome these concerns is good learning. Discussing the workload and maintaining a calendar in the best private school in Singapore would help plan the time. 

4. Going through study material from Secondary School

The skills and teachings mastered by the child in secondary school are helpful in the transition to high school. The break time must be utilized to brush up on the instructions of the secondary school and ensure that the child does not lose the skills.

5. Involvement in Extracurricular

Most of the students discover their interest in high school. Encouragement to join extracurricular clubs or groups and explore different interests would lead the way further. It will help with which classes to take in the coming years.

7. Slow but Consistent Learning

Thinking of assessments as the end game and focusing on scoring more points is good but should not be overwhelming and stressful. Being steady and consistent and understanding concepts helps to excel in high school.

8. Enjoy the Time and Pursue Interests   

Making friends, enjoying the curriculum, and having a great time without much pressure must be the point at the top of the mind. The pressure to make everything perfect and resonating might disturb the time that was supposed to be utilized for stress-free, social, and advanced learning.

9. Routine evaluation

With the growing age and the change in the atmosphere with advancement from Singapore Secondary School to high school years, it might get tough for the child to share things. Improvement reports and report cards are one way to find how the child handles the lessons. Grades may fall a bit while adjusting, but with some help, improvement will be visible.

10. Set goals for the year

Planning both academic-focused goals and social goals to achieve during the year is an excellent form of management. The goals can be big or small does not matter; the objective is to have a clear path to gain the most experience.

11. Keep building on the knowledge  

Whether it is brushing up the past learnings, understanding the school notes, or acquiring knowledge from additional sources, all sorts of knowledge gained would help build a bright career. 

Advancement to high school in the best private school in Singapore means a heavier workload and increased independence. With the advancement, students may struggle to make small decisions and abide by the correct route. 

They need to be aware of when and how to seek help. For a considerable number of students, it is a distinctive point towards setting an academic identity. The high performers in Singapore Secondary School also face the risk of adapting to their self-perception when they struggle. Although with a bit of early preparation; support from parents and teachers, the transition would be great and easy to adapt.

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