6 Impactful Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business’ Reach

As more businesses switch from traditional marketing to digital, the constant flood of new terms can get overwhelming. Digital marketing is a multifaceted strategy that leverages online and mobile technology to deliver information about products or services to target audiences as efficiently as possible.

Digital marketing involves different media channels or platforms such as search engines, social networking websites, email marketing,  blogs, and others. Thanks to the increasing popularity of social media, smartphones, and other mobile devices, digital marketing has become very popular in recent years.

Some marketers focus solely on digital marketing because it speeds up lead generation and customer conversions. It also enables small to large businesses to enter new markets faster than they would have with traditional marketing. With already five billion internet and social media users worldwide, employing digital marketing strategies is truly the way to go in today’s digital world.

How to Boost Your Reach With Digital Marketing

Marketing to online audiences can be challenging. Here are six digital marketing strategies to support your goals and drive your business forward.

1. Develop a social media strategy

Social media may seem like another tool at your disposal, but it should be considered an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok allow users to connect and share different types of content. For this reason, the average daily social usage is 147 minutes, which only grows yearly.

Many businesses have also turned to social media to engage customers, prospects, and potential employees. They view social media as a holistic solution for marketing, sales, recruitment, data analysis, and customer service, among other business functions.

The first step in creating a social media strategy is setting goals, such as growing your customer base, gaining leads, boosting brand awareness, and more. Once you have determined these factors, you should research your audience and competitors, choose your platforms, and plan your content.

You will achieve your social media goals faster when you put the time, effort, and money into your strategy.

2. Write and publish high-quality content

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. When you write high-quality content for your blog or website, people will find it helpful and share it with their peers. You can expose your business to new audiences who may not have been aware of your brand before they came across your content online.

How exactly can you write high-quality content? Here are two content marketing tips to get started.

3. Write in a conversational tone

One of the best ways to keep readers engaged with your content is by writing in a conversational tone that sounds like a friend is talking to them. Use simple words and phrases, and avoid using complex language when possible.

4. Add keywords relevant to your target audience

Research keywords that are most relevant to your target audience, then weave them into your content whenever possible. This step ensures that your content appears in search results when people use those terms.

You can use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool to find keyword ideas related to your business and industry.

5. Create your website

A website is a digital home that helps you build your brand, promote your products and services, and grow your business. You can use it as a starting point for your brand, as it provides information about who you are, what you do, what you offer, and where you can be reached.

It also gives potential customers an idea of what they can expect from you. When people search for businesses online, they want to see your company’s name in the search results.

To further establish your brand online, you first need to identify the type of website you want. You can then choose your platform, set your budget, pick and register a domain name, and plan your theme and content. Once you have done these steps, you can publish and promote your website online. If hiring an in-house developer is too expensive you can also outsource the development and maintenance of your website to an external tech firm.

However, creating a website is not enough. You must maintain it regularly to remain relevant to your target audience. This is where digital marketing comes in, which allows you to keep up with the latest trends in technology and social media to reach out to more people than ever before.

6. Create a YouTube channel to boost your SEO results

YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, which you can largely benefit from as a business. This platform can help you reach a large audience and build brand awareness. Here are ways to use YouTube effectively to boost your digital marketing efforts:

7. Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel helps you connect with potential customers and share helpful content that can make you an industry expert in your niche. A well-managed YouTube channel can help you reach more people, increase traffic, gain customer trust, and even boost sales.

8. Upload videos regularly

You must upload videos regularly if you want people to subscribe to your channel and engage with your brand. Uploading new videos helps keep people interested in your content and increases your popularity as a brand among viewers.

9. Use tags

Tags help search engines find relevant content on websites like Google or Bing Search engine results pages (SERPs). As such, use them strategically to appear first in people’s searches. 

10. Work with influencers

Influencers are people with large social media followings and have the power to sway their followers’ purchases. For this reason, brands often partner with these individuals to get their products in front of millions of people. This strategy is called influencer marketing. It offers several benefits for both brands and content creators.

Influencers can connect you directly to passionate consumers and help you create more effective content marketing strategies. Ultimately, they can also help you build trust with potential customers. Influencer marketing also allows you to humanize your brand.

When an influencer knowledgeable about your niche speaks about your brand, their followers will likely patronize your business too.

However, partnering with an influencer goes beyond choosing one with the most followers. Work with influencers with active engagements and content in the platforms your target audience is most active in. Check for their audience quality, authenticity, communication style, and fees. The more aligned you are with your influencers, the faster it will be to reach your target audience.  

11. Use SMS marketing

One of the benefits of SMS marketing is that these messages are sent directly to phones, which are extensions of our lives. As such, SMS marketing poses a more personal approach than email or social media posts.

Additionally, SMS marketing is affordable, flexible, and easy to set up. This digital marketing strategy is ideal for all businesses, particularly small ones who want to boost their brand awareness despite having limited resources.

12. Integrate Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Today

The digital marketing world is quickly changing and evolving. The rules are becoming less and less defined, which means that the ability to iterate on tried-and-true methods during a campaign becomes more important than adhering to one specific strategy from start to finish. The age of experience is upon us, and marketers across all industries would do well to take advantage of what it offers.

Digital business is dynamic and malleable, and the ability to adapt quickly will help determine who wins and who loses in the marketplace. If you want to grow your business, you should understand how each form of digital marketing works and how to leverage it for your best interests.

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