Using Spaced Repetition To Study For Government Exams

People continue to government jobs in India. The majority of young people opt to work for the government by giving the government exams due to parental pressure. Their parents’ attitudes toward government positions have remained unchanged for decades. India has evolved significantly during the last thirty years, particularly since it became freer. In India, the private sector and international corporations have expanded significantly, while government employment has gained status, privileges, and significance. 

Government jobs are more secure than private positions, thus there are fewer possibilities of losing them. Therefore there are several applicants for these positions. When there is more competition, the passing mark likewise rises, making the exam more difficult to pass. It is difficult to pass the exam since the curriculum may be too extensive and there is insufficient time to study everything. Additionally, there are several distractions that divert focus from the subject. But this article will suggest you the technique of spaced repetition that can help you ace the government exams. In order to prepare well for government exams you should connect with the top SSC Institute.

Keep Reading This Article in Order to Know How to Use This Technique for Government Exam Preparation 

What is Spaced Repetition?

Spaced repetition is the practice of testing material at increasingly longer intervals to make it more difficult to recall and, thus, to improve its retention in long-term memory. So spreading out your study periods can allow you to retain more material in your long-term memory, even if you spend less time studying. By dividing your study time, you may engage in other activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle while studying. When combined with active recall, spaced repetition may help you remember information more efficiently and for longer.

The Brain and the Forgetting Curve

About 86 billion billion nerve cells, often known as neurons, comprise the human brain. Neurons are the brain’s building blocks. When we acquire new information, the synapses and connections between neurons are strengthened. Therefore this strengthens the network and allows neurons to communicate more quickly and effectively. As you remember more, the connections between neurons and synapses strengthen, making it simpler to recall information.

Therefore the better one learns something, the more and stronger neural connections are formed. When reviewing what we’ve learned during government exams preparation, we must forget part of it in order to retain it more effectively. You cannot learn more without sometimes forgetting what you’ve learned. It is what helps memories expand, similar to how exercising a muscle makes it stronger.”

Therefore spaced repetition is so effective. By repeating new knowledge exactly when we begin to lose it, spaced repetition pushes your brain to strengthen the connections between nerve cells.

By offering examinations at longer and longer intervals, spaced repetition allows students to lose some information. As a result, students must work harder each time they take a test to recall what they’ve learned, which aids in learning more deeply and for longer during g government exams  preparation  

It Requires Time 

It may take a long time to learn everything on an exam. Students frequently attempt to cram everything in at the last minute, which is wasteful and won’t help them demonstrate their knowledge on the test.

So simply said, spaced repetition entails increasing the amount of time between repetitions of previously taught material. This strategy takes use of the spacing effect, which states that studying something a second time is more effective if it is done at a later date during government exams preparations.

Here’s How It Might Really Play Out

Repetition 1: After the learning session, take a little pause and then immediately test yourself on the new terms before moving on to the next item on your list.

Repetition 2: Administer another exam later that day or the next morning.

Take another examination a few days later, maybe towards the end of the week.

Spaced repetitions: Continue testing yourself every few weeks until the knowledge has fulfilled its immediate purpose (e.g., you’ve taken the exam) or you need to devote your time to studying new material you know far less well than you know your colors.

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Summing It Up

There are several applicants for these positions. When there is more competition, the passing mark likewise rises, making the government exams more difficult to pass.  The technique of spaced repetition can help you ace the government exams.