What is a blog and how can start a money-making blog in 2024

Today we going to create a money-making blog and also know how can we earn money from a blog in 2022.

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  • What is a blog?

You understand it as that this is your online diary where you write some content and share it with your online community And if you write an SEO-friendly and User-friendly article then you will earn money online from blog/blogging.

In beginning, this was only a place to share information but at present, this is changed and now this is also a way to earn money.

When we are searching for any query on a search engine then we see many results, most of them are blogs and the miner is the website.

The blog {Blog layout} is divided into 5 segments, that is-

Blog layout demo- The blog {Blog layout} is divided into 5 segments, that is-
Blog layout demo
  1. Menu
  2. Header
  3. Slide bar
  4. Body
  5. Footer

Menu – In point of user experience, it has a very important place in our blog because this gives the facility to easily navigate the blog by the user and a good and summarised menu increases the chance to increase your average session time because maybe chance that the user clicks on the menu and if he/she find other useful information then they also read them.

  • What are the types of blogs?

We have three bases for classifying the blog-

    1. On the basis of content type.

      • NEWS blog

Although the NEWS Website/blog also covers other information most of its articles are published on current topics.

This kind of blog or website is an example of a micro-niche blog or website.

      • Event blog

This type of blog covers the information of any one or more events. Like any festival blog, sports tournament blog, etc.

This kind of Blog gains traffic only sessional and after that, it has no or very little traffic.

      • Permanent blog

This is something very important because this type of blog is very important. although this type of blog takes a time to rank when they rank then it is gaining regular traffic for you for a long time.

In this kind of blog, we write posts for the long term.

For example, our blog Times of Rising is also this kind of blog.

    1. On the basis of niche numbers

When we start a blog then we have the option to choose the number of topics that will be covered in our future blog post, but think about what happened if we add or remove a number of topics in the future, so basically on the basis of which number blog is divided into 2 types and that is a micro-niche and micro-niche blog.

      • Micro niche blog

In this type of blog, we covered articles of the blog post on only a particular Niche it may be sports, Technology, science, biography, and many more but here all of the posts are around this particular topic, so basically because of this kind blog only depends on a particular niche or topic ok that’s why we called it that this is the micro-niche blog.

      • Macro niche blog

This is the opposite of a Micro-niche blog as it names, so basically, in this type of blog, we covered more than one niche to cover information in our blog posts. All the news blogs are also an example of this kind of blog.

    1. On the basis of the niche.

So this is the last and most popular criteria to divide blogs into many different types. This is fully based on which type of content you share with your audience like your content is related to technology or sports or health and many more. So here we share the types of blogs based on the niche-

    • Affiliate marketing blog
    • Business Blog
    • Digital marketing blog
    • Food blog
    • Forum Blog
    • Festival Blog
    • Gaming blog
    • Sports Blog
    • Travel Blog
  • What is Domain?

This is something most important part of our blogging journey. That’s why it is most important that we understand what is a domain.

So in the simplest way, this is your online home address, where people connect with your content.

For example, you are reading this article on the internet but the internet is not a sparrow next, it is very large as well as wide and it has a large content on different blogs or websites, so you reading this article on the internet is the not correct answer, so its right answer is you are this article on www.timesofrising.com and this is our blog domain.

So in the future when you want to connect with us then you search for www.timesofrising.com on the search engine because we are located at this address/domain.

I hope you understand what is a domain.

    • How can you choose the best domain?

There are anyway and many criteria to choose the best domain for your blog. In them, some most important, in summary, are the following-

      1. You may include your niche-related word in your domain name if your blog is a micro-niche blog.
      2. Avoide the special correctors like “@”-“”_””=””+””-“”/””numbers” and other in domain name.Becauseit is hard to remeber and look unprofetional.
      3. Choose a uniqe domain name and top level domain(TLD) name extention like “.com” or your target country domain extention like “.in” “.co.in” “” for India, “.us” for United State, “.uk” for United Kingdom, etc.

    • Best domain provider?

The answer to this question will be discussed ahead.

    • What is Hosting?

As we discuss the domain, as well as hosting, is an online space where we store our data like images, blog posts, audio, video, and our other data.

      • How can you choose the best Hosting?

Today we have many options to choose from hosting because there are many hosting providers in competition.

But the important thing that must be in our mind when we go to buy hosting that is-

        1. Site uptime.
        2. Customer support service.
        3. The number of websites is we create in one hosting plan.
        4. Reviews of these hosting providers’ current users.
        5. Price plan
      • Best Hosting Provider?

As we know that no one is perfect that’s why every hosting provider has some “Pros” as well as some “Cons”.

Some hosting providers provide us free hosting and others provide paid hosting.

With a free hosting provider google’s productblogger.com” is the best.

In paid hosting providers Bluehost is there, Hostgator is there, Hostinger is there and many more like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, etc.

If the service quality and money both are important for you then Bluehost is the best-paid hosting provider for you this is not my opinion but WordPress, where you set up your blog or websites, is also recommending this.

If you buy hosting from Bluehost then you also get a domain “.com“”.in“”.info“”.net“”.us“”.org” and other as your choice to “1yr” for free.

    • What is Niche?

This is nothing but the topic which is the main center of your blog post/articles. After starting a blog we share some content with our audience and a category of content called niche of the blog

This is an essential part of any blog that decides whether you will get success or not.

This is nothing but the place where you set up and start a blog. In all of them, some are free or some others are paid.

For example-

There are many platforms for free blogging.

For example-

There are many platforms for paid blogging.

For example-

There are many variations to choose the best blogging platforms but in most cases the two platforms are most popular in free blogging platforms then Google’s product blogger.com is the most popular and paid blogging platforms wordpress.org is the best although only they are not only and some other are provide the value of money, blogger.com for free and wordpress.org is most popular for blogging.

When we did some research then we find that most of the websites running at present are posted on these platforms that’s why we called them best.

    • What is a template/them?

Template or theme is a most important part of our blog as well as our website because when any user comes into our website or blog then, first of all, they interact with our blog UI (user interface ) and if Blog UI (also called Templet) is not attractive with this then we go back and its result is the bounce rate of your blog was increases and this is not a good practice for your blog as well as your website in point of SEO.

That’s why the best templet is very important.

In a simple way the template or theme is decided your blog as well as your website look and if they are best when the user connects with you more time and your average time will be increased this is a good sign in point of SEO and also help to rank your blog post article our website fast in search engine results.

      • How can choose the best blog template for your blog website?

There are many criteria to choose the best template for your blog as well as your website and are e people think in a different ways but most of the points are the same-

        1. Good looking
        2. Fast loading and
        3. Ready to ads

They are basic but compulsory because if your template does not complete then you astragal more to rank your blog and website in search engine results because your User experience becomes bad so before choosing any template for WordPress, Blogger, and many more, make sure that the above criteria were must be full fill although many other points are also important they are must.

    • How can start blogging?

To start blogging you need some basic information about blogging. And A good knowledge of your niche and another thing you learn from time to time.

To start blogging you must follow the following points because they are maybe very helpful for you


      • Buy a hosting.

If you think to start a blog on free blogging platform then go with Godaddy. It is the best platform to buy a domain.

But if you think to start a blog on WordPress then buy a domain and hosting from the same provider because it is easy to use.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

There is Bluehost may be a good option for you because Bluehost gives you a free domain for one year if you buy hosting from them.

    • How can start a blog in 2021?

It is not hard but also not easy. So follow the following steps and at last, you will create a money-making blog. So let’s go-

How can create a free blog on blogger?

How can create a blog on WordPress?

      • Create social accounts.

      • Start writing SEO-friendly and User-friendly articles?


It is very important to us because if you write SEO-friendly and User-friendly articles then they will be to increase your post rank and user engagement.

  • Publish articles in a sequence and from time to time.

  • Share on social networks/media.

  • How can earn money from blogging/blog?

  • AdSense

  • Affiliate marketing

  • AdSense alternative

  • Paid guest posting

  • Sponsored post

  • Sell space

  • Sell domain


I hope that after following all the above steps you created a beautiful blog. After you create a blog write regularly SEO-friendly and User-friendly blog posts.

If you work consistently, then you see that you are started traffic on your blog and once you started to drive traffic on your blog then you also start to earn money online.

After all, Although I’m trying to help you to start a money-making blog with the full effort I’m accepted that not anyone perfect and anyone has a minimum knowledge, that’s why by mistake if I skip any important point then please notify us in the comment section, we love your comments very much.


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