The Sevenoaks Airport Taxi for the provision of the taxi service.

The Sevenoaks in which it is intended to establish the taxi service may approve the Sevenoaks Airport Taxi applicable to the establishment and provision of the same. Said Ordinances will regulate, as a minimum: Requirements for obtaining licenses (authorization granted for the provision of Tunbridge Wells Taxi
service as a regulated private activity).

  • Transmission of licenses.
  • Conditions of provision of the service.
  • Requirements for drivers.
  • The framework of rights and duties of service users and drivers.
  • Vehicle characteristics and identification.
  • Rest regime.

Mechanisms for submitting to arbitration procedures for the resolution of disputes related to the provision of the service.

Forecast, where appropriate, of seats or vehicles adapted for the transport of people with disabilities.

Licenses for the provision of the Sevenoaks Airport Taxi service.

The person who is the holder of the license may not, in any case, lease, assign or transfer the exploitation of the enabling title or the vehicle attached to it, without prejudice to the possibilities of transmission, as well as the fact that the service is provided by persons contracted for this purpose by the person holding the license.

In Sevenoaks with more than 5,000 inhabitants, the person holding the license will have the full and exclusive dedication to the profession.

It is up to the Town Halls to award taxi licenses through a tender.

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From Taxis Pembury Airport Taxi 24 Horas we offer you a simple, fast and comfortable way to move around Tunbridge Wells and its surroundings. Our taxi drivers are prepared and aware to offer you personalized and cordial treatment, we select one by one, professional taxi drivers, to guarantee the best service.

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Taxi licenses will be transferable by acts inter Tw causa to the widowed spouse or the forced heirs:

In the case of transmission TW causa, the heirs will have a period of 30 months from the death to determine the owner, otherwise, the license or authorization will be revoked.

The Person holding the license

The person holding the license who intends to transmit it inter will request authorization from the City Council, indicating the person to whom the license is intended to be transferred and the price at which the operation is set, unless the applicable municipal Ordinances establish a transmission system specific.

If you need information or advice on consumer matters, do not hesitate to contact us. We remind you that we are available to you free of charge and continuously through the telephone number 900 21 50 80, email, as well as on our social network profiles or through this same website. And if you prefer a face-to-face service, you can go to one of the  Provincial Consumer Services, present in all the Andalusian provincial capitals.

Likewise, you can obtain information in this regard at the appropriate Town Hall or, where appropriate, at the Ministry of Public Works, Infrastructures and Territorial Planning.

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