Safe Hoverboard Riding Guide for Beginners

When you finally have bought a hoverboard for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the first thing that might cross your mind is how to ride it and how long does it take to get good.Actually, the time needed to actually be able to control the hoverboard is very relative depending on the type of hoverboard and each individual’s confidence. There are people who once or twice stepped onto the hoverboard and immediately took off comfortably. There are also those who need more time because they are still adapting to foreign movements. But, no need to worry too much, the average novice user can master the basics of hoverboard control within 5 minutes. Everyone with a minimum body weight of 18 kg and a maximum of 100 kg is eligible to board the hoverboard. Be sure to always wear a helmet when training and riding the device for safety. Choose a large area free of children or glassware. Then do the following steps to learn to drive it.

Hoverboard Calibration

On average, every hoverboard has been calibrated when shipped, but you need to make sure by recalibrating. The following is the procedure:

Turn off the hoverboard
Adjust the board so that it is level with the ground
Turn on the hoverboard again and hold down the power button until you hear a “beep” sound and a flashing light appears for about 15-20 seconds
Turn off the hoverboard again

Step on the Hoverboard

Make sure the hoverboard’s battery is fully charged so it’s ready to ride. Turn on the hoverboard then put one foot on the board and then raise the other leg. In early practice, you may hold on to something so you don’t fall while riding the hoverboard, but don’t rely too much on the grip. For a stable starting position, position both feet close to the edge of the board with your knees slightly bent.

Move Forward-Backward

You are now on the hoverboard. First of all, try moving the hoverboard forward. To advance the hoverboard, you just have to lean slightly forward, the faster your body moves, the faster the hoverboard moves forward.
Next, start learning how to reverse the hoverboard. The method is the same but lean your body slightly backwards. Repeat several times to get used to it. After that mix the forward and backward movements, to stop or brake you just have to position your body upright in the middle.

Turning and Twisting Movement

Turning the hoverboard to the right or left is almost the same as moving back and forth. To turn right, you can push your right foot back and/or your left foot forward. To turn left, reverse it, pushing your left foot back and/or pushing your right foot forward.
When you hear it, it may seem complicated and difficult, but if you get used to it, you can turn anywhere with reflexes because you already know it by heart. For initial trials, it’s best to start with slow turns. When you have started to master the basics, you can accelerate corners so that you are more proficient. If you are able to control the turning motion, combine it with a forward or backward motion to get a circular motion.

Get off the Hoverboard

The last is how to get off hoverboard. After stopping the hoverboard with the body upright in the middle, then you have to step back. Do not occasionally lower your feet to the front of the hoverboard because the hoverboard may read it as an order to move forward quickly. This could risk an accident. Therefore, in order to get off safely, lower your legs one by one towards the back.

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