Jignesh Shah: A Catalyst for Change

We all are well aware of the fact that the job scenario in India is getting worse every day. The recent Reserve Bank of India’s monthly consumer confidence survey shows deep pessimism about the employment situation among Indian households. No doubt, India needs more focus in the form of better infrastructure and an optimal domestic regulatory environment for improving employment opportunities in India.

At a time when innovators across the world were turning towards e-commerce, a young tech entrepreneur in India was gearing up to take the exchange markets sector by storm. With his vision set on various tech-based innovations, he created over 10 lakh job opportunities in a very short span of time. Jignesh Shah, currently chairman emeritus, 63 moons technologies limited, through his sustained innovation successfully transformed the face of the Indian financial markets, and now in his second innings, wishes to create another big story so that it could produce huge employment opportunities in India.

Jignesh Shah has full faith in the Indian growth story and wishes to be active in the start-up ecosystem. He wants to create a Start-up ecosystem that will not be just restricted to exchange and marketplace but in fact, it will be a majority of IP-based field, where he believes it could nurture and inspire entrepreneurs across fields including agriculture.

Jignesh Shah also has plans about applying advanced technology like Robotic, genetics, etc., to the field of agriculture, which is a very bold thought in terms of agriculture since the agricultural sector is very big in India and applying science or technology to it will create more value for the farmers and also for the youth of the country who will obviously show more interest in the agricultural sector if this advanced technology is applied to it.

Now, Jignesh Shah hopes to achieve his objective and realize India as the Silicon Valley of the East. He believes that the new India would have an IP-based innovation drive, for which he would love to act as a catalyst.

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