The Need for Field Force Management Software in Finance Sector

The finance sector included the banking and finance sector as well as many field agents employed for several activities. And the only way to efficiently manage them is through field force management software. The field agents are required to be their best as they are the face of the bank or insurance company. 

Managers would like to know what happened at the meeting and how it went and how it went. But constant calling can hinder employees while working or with a client. So now, what to do? Well, the answer is simple — employ field force management software.


Why does the financial institution need Field force Monitoring Software?

Banking and other financial institutions invest a lot of time making sure they hire qualified field employees since they represent the company to customers and vendors. Moreover, these field agents also have access to sensitive information about the companies. Thus managing the employees efficiently becomes even for crucial for employees. 

But the financial industry is not without problems. Managers often struggle to manage their field agents inefficient and more productive ways efficiently.  A one-stop shop field force management software is what managers require. The one who can help them allot them tasks that are best suited.

Not only this, but through automation, sales, customer satisfaction, and lead generation become easier.


Benefits of Automation in Financial Institutions

With the help of automation, many benefits can be reaped by the banking and insurance sector that could help them double up their revenue. After all, which organization won’t like to have a productive and efficient workforce that can be gained with the help of field force management software?

Reduction of Time Wastage

Wasting away time can cost money to banks and companies. But with the help of automation software, managers can ensure that field employees are not idling on the road. Good field force management software allows managers to track their executives’ time easily and can take preventive measures to prevent agents from wasting time.

Accurate Data in Hand

Managers need accurate data to make well-informed decisions. And he needs them asap. Unfortunately, waiting for quarters can sometimes cause the problem to aggravate. For example, bank managers want to know each agent’s sales, and only field force management software can provide them with it.

Promotes Macro management

No employee enjoys micromanagement as it can harm their productivity and efficiency. But the software is all about micromanaging employees. With its features, it can make sure that the employees stay on track without constant calling from managers.

Efficient Task Management

While dealing with field agents, managers must assign tasks with achievable deadlines. Another thing to look into is time-saving. A lot of time is spent going from one location to another. Therefore, allocating tasks keeping in mind the distance to be covered, time taken, and agents’ expertise, becomes important. And only with the help of automation can it be achieved comfortably.

Also, with the help of the field force management software, managers can keep track of all completed or pending tasks. 

Manage Field Force Efficiently

Managers need accurate information on what all their employees are on the field, the tasks they are completing, the clients they are meeting, and the sales made. No other than geo-tracking and monitoring will do. And to bridge the gap between the financial institute manager and yield employees, field force automation is great software.

It will keep the manager updated on whatever move the field employee makes. This helps to promote a better workflow.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The whole banking and insurance sector is heavily dependent on customers for success. With the help of API, field force management software can be merged with CRM, enabling managers to provide customers with a wholesome service. He will be able to understand the needs of each customer and assign an agent with the skill to fulfill the requirements efficiently. This will help in winning the trust and loyalty of customers.

Do Away with Manual Woking and Paperwork

Field force management software understands that manual functioning is the killer of the productivity and efficiency of agents. As they are required to do repetitive and mundane tasks that can cause them to run out of time. Even manually managing paperwork will one day cause your employees to be buried in it.

What the banking sector needs desperately is automation through field force management software. With its help field, executives can focus more on important tasks rather than mundane ones. Also it automates paperwork as well.

Enhance Employee Productivity 

Field force management software accurately measures each employee’s productivity and work quality. This data is really helpful for boosting the productivity of employees lacking behind. And since the employees and bank managers are not buried under manual tasks and paperwork, they can work more efficiently, save time, and be productive.

Features Of Field Force Management Software 

Customers hold a vast impact on the banking and insurance sector. To maintain a loyal and satisfied customer base, managers and field agents must be at the top of their game. And only through automated features and tools can they achieve it.

  • Automated  Geocoded Attendance: This feature allows managers to record authentic attendance through geo-coded attendance. Field agents’ attendance gets automatically marked when they reach the first task location.
  • Bulk Task Upload: The software allows managers to upload a month’s tasks in advance to save time and effort. They will be visible to employees on their app accordingly. Furthermore, changes can be made remotely.
  • Insightful Reports: Right from employee productivity to expense reports, every kind of report can be generated with the help of the software. This will help the managers to supervise and monitor their employees efficiently.
  • Digitalized Documents and Custom Forms: Through software, paperwork gets automated. Employees can digitalize their documents to avoid the hassle of carrying physical papers. With the help of custom forms, field against can collect important data such as feedback digitally and remotely. And it will automatically be visible to managers once uploaded.
  • Real-Time Location and Task Tracking: managers can accurately track the whereabouts of their agents in real-time and with the least amount of buffering period now with the help of the software. They can view all the activities and the time taken at each stop on their phone app. Not only location but also the tasks list can be tracked.


TrackoField is the Leading Field Force Management Software

Bw banks and insurance keep their customers happy and automate employee management by investing in good field force management software. The software allows employees to be productive and efficient and for managers to supervise them easily.

TrackoField is an excellent choice for workforce management software. It has features and tools that can easily automate your organization’s workings.

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