How To Draw Flower Easy Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Easy Drawing For Kids we’ll learn some incredibly basic floral drawing skills! This concise instruction will show you how, and the printable papers even allow you to trace each step.

You and your child will enjoy learning how to draw whatever your favourite flower is—a rose, daisy, tulip, or sunflower. Easy Drawing For Kids our three-page, free printable lesson, contains all the information you need to learn how to make a flower quickly.

An animated flower

Our floral sketching kit’s three-page instructions are engaging and simple to follow. Let’s get started, and before you know it, you’ll be painting flowers:


  • First, make a triangle with an angle that faces downward.
  • Start right away! To make a triangle, turn the tip downward first. The proper position is with the flat side up.


  • At the top, there should be three circles. The one in the centre is larger, as you can see. Cut any extra lines if necessary.
  • Now place three circles on top of the triangle. The centre circle has to be bigger. Eliminate the additional lines.


  • Great! A petal can be seen there. To create a circle, repeat the process.
  • Look! You have one petal with you. To create four more petals, repeat steps 1 through 2. Continue drawing circles until one forms.


  • There should be a circle on each petal. Eliminate the additional lines.
  • Let’s give the petals some additional details. On the petals, draw circles, then cut off the excessive lines.


  • To the middle, add a circle.
  • A circle will now be added in the centre.


  • Nice! The blossom is starting to take shape. At this point, provide details.


  • Include a stem now. Each bloom requires a stalk to hold it upright.


  • A leaf should be on the stem. There is also the option of including a leaf on the opposite side. That is your flower, then!


  • Wow! fantastic work. More information can be added to create different blooms. Be innovative.
  • Good work! To create various flowers, you can add more components. Think creatively!


Even the youngest and most inexperienced children should be able to enjoy creating art independently; thus, we ensured that our how-to-draw flower guide was simple enough. You can draw a flower if you know how to draw a straight line and some basic shapes. Furthermore, it’s not even necessary for that line to be perfectly straight.

I love that once you can draw lovely flowers, you won’t need to refer to this tutorial, but I still advise preserving it as a reference image for the future!

Simple Flower Drawings that Kids Can Print For Free

In art and craft lessons, kids most enjoy painting flowers. Flowers are versatile themes used in various artistic endeavours, such as greeting cards and school projects. One of the most noticeable parts of a flower is the petals, which include a variety of designs and colours. The secret to painting flowers is to represent each of their parts precisely. Kids can start drawing just one petal and gradually add more until they have a full flower. Drawing different kinds of flowers is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your drawing skills. Here are the best children’s flower drawings by BYJU. They are easy to learn, practise, and take pleasure in.

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