How much does it cost to rent an exhibition stand?

It is difficult to tell in exact figures the cost to rent an exhibition stand unless you have listed down all the features and type of the exhibition stand that you wish to rent. In reality, the cost to rent an exhibition stand depends on the number of factors. All we can do is describe what all features that add up to make an exhibition stand so that you can have the estimate of the cost it would take to rent the exhibition stand. Along with the exhibition stand design the cost to rent an exhibition stand also depends upon goals and objectives of the exhibitor. In a sense that the overall features in an exhibition stand design are decided by taking into consideration the goals, specifications and requirements of the exhibitor.

Let us discuss some factors that determine the cost of an exhibition stand.


Exhibition stand dimensions

One of the important factor that would determine the cost to rent an exhibition stand is the dimensions of the stand that you wish to choose for your trade show event. There are a lot of exhibition stands available in the market of varying sizes. The sizes range from 10×10 booth design, 20×20 booth design, 30×30 booth design, 40×40 booth design and much more options. You can choose the dimensions according to the space size that you have opted on the exhibition floor. Accordingly the cost will vary with the size of the exhibition stand you choose for your trade show event. You can check the variety in sizes with the exhibition stand builder in Amsterdam and choose as per your need.


Type of stand – Stand design

Another important factor that would determine the cost to rent an exhibition stand is the type of stand you are choosing for your trade show event. There is also a variety of types of stands available in the market. Some of them include custom exhibit stand, modular stand, double-decker stand and country pavilion. One of the way to go little intelligent in your choice is to choose a double decker stand if you wish to have more space in a limited dimension. The cost of each of the type of stand will vary and you can opt for the stand that is best suited for your exhibition. Each of these stands have their special features and are build according to the different needs in the exhibition. The one that suits best in your budget and need is the one you can opt for your trade show event. You can discuss with your trade show booth builder in London about the difference in cost according to the stand designs.


Frame types

The exhibition stands come with a different frame types suiting your needs and requirement. Exhibition stand contractors like Triumfo provides a variety of frame styles. Your cost will vary according to the type of frame you choose for your exhibition stand and the designing of the frame. The heavier the design and work on your frame, more will be the cost. The noteworthy point to be kept in mind is to never compromise on quality in a quest to have a cheaper option. There are a lot of other intelligent ways by which you can have an eye catching superior quality design without compromising on the quality. It needs some intelligent work on the exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand contractor is the best person to be contacted for getting to know the cost of different frame styles.


Flooring type

Unlike ancient times when a traditional booth was suffice to succeed at the trade show event, the scenario has changed now. Even the flooring of the trade show booth matters and can be utilized in an intelligent manner. Some technological enhancers like interactive flooring options can boost up your chances to grab the attention of visitors. You can choose an exclusive carpet to cover the floor of your booth or use technologies like interactive floor to enhance the floor further. The cost will vary according to how you wish to invest in the booth design. You need to discuss it with your exhibition stand contractor to get to know the cost to rent an exhibition stand design with such features.


Logistics and extras

You will have to consider your budget when you decide the furniture, TV Screens, storage areas, lighting, enquiry desk and other features that you want on your booth according to your needs. It is advisable to choose a trade show booth builder who has the manufacturing unit at the same location as that of your venue to lower other costs like transportation. The best booth builder for you would be one that promises a superior quality booth with all the amenities at a reasonable price.

The price of the trade show booth therefore depends on a number of factors and it is difficult to get an estimate without figuring out the kind of trade show booth you need for the show with what all features. You can budget your trade show booth further in intelligent ways if you discuss the possibilities with your exhibition stand contractor.

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