Everything You Need to Know About an International School vs National School

For concerned parents looking to get their children the best learning and education, or a teaching professional looking for a global teaching experience: an international school can be a viable solution. International schools have gained immense trust and popularity for their forward-thinking and mindful curricula that prepare young learners for life beyond academics. 

Children attending international schools also have more career opportunities compared to national schools. If you’re in Riyadh and thinking about your child’s education ahead, you can always consider international schools in Riyadh where they will get:

  1. Versatile Curriculum

International schools follow the curriculums of –

  • International Baccalaureate
  • International Primary Curriculum
  • Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • Edexcel

These are the best educational practices in the world and imbibe a truly global outlook in young learners.

On the other hand, National schools follow their respective national educational policy, and some young learners may simply not fit into them. 

At international schools, students choose what they wish to learn, get better exposure to the latest teaching methods, and gain real-life skills as they progress through school.

  1. Strong Impact of Languages

Since most international schools lie in EASL nations, students often face hardships in learning English. Thanks to the natural diversity at international schools, students find it easy to develop fluency in foreign languages. 

Qualified teachers from English-speaking countries deliver curricula in international schools, making young learners proficient in linguistic abilities.

Young learners who are interested in mastering foreign languages can gain a head start at international schools in Riyadh. This is also helpful for students planning to study abroad or appear in international exams, like – IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE.

  1. Diverse Teaching Staff and Culture

Imagine studying in a school with teaching staff from 193 countries. Sounds astounding, doesn’t it? That’s what an international school provides young learners. It helps them develop a deep understanding of various cultures while shedding their inhibitions from an early age. 

Besides, this ensures students appreciate their peers and teachers and celebrate their diversity.

  1. Better Teacher-Student Ratio

Students need personal attention, and international schools comply with a low teacher-student ratio, ensuring each student is heard. It provides better opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge, helping teachers bring out the best in each student. 

National schools often have large student-teacher ratios, making it impossible for teachers to address the queries of each student. International schools concentrate on developing students into responsible citizens of tomorrow, preparing them for real-life challenges. 

  1. Exposure to Professional Development

International schools teach the best-in-class curriculum, incorporating the latest trends in the syllabus. Thanks to their experienced teaching staff, students get early exposure to attributes required to lead more well-rounded lives later on. Besides focusing on grades, teachers invest in the personality development of young learners through enriched cognitive intelligence. 

Unlike national schools, international academia provides students with early preparedness. Such attributes better equip learners to adopt and master things in a short time when planning further studies from elite learning institutes worldwide.

  1. Hasslefree Admission Policy

The most convenient feature of international schools lies in their flexible student policy. Thanks to their worldwide recognition, students transferring from other schools can join the session even in the mid-term. It’s convenient for working parents as they don’t have to worry about the admission process. 

International schools make it convenient for students to adjust, unlike national schools following a set curriculum. Studying at an international school is perfect for young learners facing academic disruption due to unavoidable circumstances. This way, they don’t have to lose out on their academic year altogether.

  1. Versatile Prospects

Students graduating from an international school have a higher acceptance rate worldwide, thanks to the convenience of similar learning. It also gives them more confidence to ace examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE, having studied similar syllabi throughout secondary and higher secondary classes. 

Besides, young learners get early exposure to global standards of education and college recruiters prefer international school graduates too. 


International schools in Riyadh are a bridge to providing young learners with world-class education. Whether you’re planning to resettle or prepare your young learner for elite universities, studying at international schools is a great idea. 

Before enrolling your child, verify the curricula taught at the international school. This will help you be aware of the learning your children receive and whether it’s relevant for their future pursuits. Besides, international schools have convenient kindergarten fees that have made it easier for your child to begin their learning journey with the best-in-class curriculum. 

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