Four Things your Child Needs to Be Successful in School

Four Things your Child Needs to Be Successful in School

Contributing to their youngest children’s success in school can be difficult for parents to navigate. It’s a balance between being too involved and trying too hard to help and provide the support they need to succeed. You can do things as a parent to help your child succeed in school, and many of them focus more on creating an environment conducive to learning and success rather than being what is often called a parent helicopter. Here are some things they need from you to be the best they can be.

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Learn About Their School

Visits the school, walks around and learns about the different areas, what activities are there for them during recess, and the general layout of the school. Also, use the school website for information on school staff, upcoming events and activities, and general things about the school. This type of information can greatly increase the importance of interacting with your child about their school day. If you know a lot about school, you can relate more to what they tell you about what they did that day.

Get Them What They Need.

The school will tell you what books and stationery your child will need for class, and while these are all essential for success, don’t stop there. Look at other things that help them practice their work or engage in a meaningful way with what they are learning. For example, a Lenovo tablet with educational apps or games will increase your confidence in your ability to perform assigned work. Some online subscription services offer fun activities and games that align with assigned schoolwork for each grade.

Be Strict With Homework.

Homework is an important part of learning. Not only does it reinforce what you learned that day and a tool to practice it, but it will also instill in your child a sense of work ethic and responsibility. It would help if you supported this by being strict about homework and only allowing things like games and TV after they have completed their assigned homework. Make sure they have a quiet, well-lit, and ventilated space to do their homework without distractions.

Fuel Properly

Make sure you establish a good bedtime routine and that they are in bed and ready for bed to give them the right amount of sleep. Children between the ages of six and 12 need at least nine hours of sleep, and closer to 12. In the morning, before you head out, make sure they have eaten a good nutritious meal that will keep them energized until recess or school meal.

Being a parent is not an easy task, and there are many things you have to navigate every day. There are so many books and guides on how to help your child succeed in school, and these few ways are only scratching the surface of how you, as a parent, can best equip your child for success.

Scan your child’s study material from time to time and engage him in a conversation about her study progress. Ask them about her problems and the areas in which they are having difficulties. Talk to them about their strengths and weaknesses, and together develop a plan to improve your child’s skills. Evaluate your speed, accuracy, and understanding of the subject. In the long run, a student could face several problems if these issues still need to be resolved.

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