Boost Your Mustard-topped Hot Dogs in our Printed Hot Dog Boxes

printed hot dog boxes

You may wonder why I should spend my money on simple hot trays or boxes. Let us explain. We all know the main thing that matters in trending sales is advertising. The more you advertise, the more people know about your food or any business. Sometimes people order bundles of food boxes for giving at any event, meeting, seminar, social gathering, etc. If they love your food item taste, how will they recognize your company when there is no brand logo? If you have the answer, they can ask the owner, event planner, etc. It is a very baseless answer. Because the majority of people don’t know each other. And no one has the leisure to find the planner or the other source for just a simple hot dog manufacturer.

As a result, you will always be in their memory that they ate a malicious hot dog at this or that event. Now tell me one thing if 60 out of 100 people liked your hot dogs at that event, you lost 60 customers just because of not customizing the brand logo on a simple hot dog tray or box according to you. We urge you to buy custom hot dog trays with a printed logo from us, advertise your hot dog everywhere, and see the magic.

Sell out hot dogs online with custom hot dog boxes:

Nowadays, online food businesses are getting rapid-fire due to internet involvement in our life. People prefer online ordering beside of going out on regular days. If you want to sell your hot dogs online, too, or already running an online business, you need a hot dog box beside trays. And need isolated packaging because customers like to get warm hot dogs. We sell hot dog boxes, too, with custom butter wraps inside.

Why custom butter wraps are necessary for hot dogs:

The hot dogs are served hot and made up of many sauces, due to which the custom hot dog tray or box gets greasy. The butter wrap covers the hot dog, prevents sauces from spilling out, and makes the surface nongreasy. These pure material-made wraps are flexible, durable, and easy to remove without bursting.

Entirely organized Custom frozen hot dog boxes wholesale:

Due to a busy schedule or for time-saving, people prefer talking ready-made hot dogs, which are easy to make, take out from fridge fry, and ready to eat. For two reasons, you need custom hot dog boxes if you are a ready-made manufacturer. Firstly, polythene-wrapped hot dogs can bend or break due to pressure. And not easy to store in the refrigerator. If the hot dogs are packed in acrylic trays, you can’t describe the details because they are nonprintable. You can buy custom cardboard, kraft, and rigid boxes wholesale at an economical cost.  If you order this month, Dec 2022, you can get an extra discount because of end season sale at Urgent Boxes.

Two steps to make frozen hot dogs reliable for your business.

Make hot dog box unbendable with Durable material:

The less durable frozen hot dog box can bend or break easily due to a bit of pressure. Because of this, your sheet-covered hot dog can break easily. We recommend rigid, cardboard, and white kraft boxes made of heavy-duty material and unbendable. Wooden crates are expensive, and people demand such boxes for exclusive packaging. The kraft and cardboard boxes are economical and highly recommended for daily actual frozen items packaging. More of these materials boxes are

  • Perforation free
  • Printable
  • Flexible
  • Eco friendly

Control humidity with lamination:

The fundamental problem with frozen items is humidity. Because the refrigerators form water vapors. We suggest c2 lamination on the custom box to resist moisture and increase the box’s life for freezing. The lamination protects the box surface from fingerprints, dust, and smudges and gives a smooth surface. We can do any lamination for your product box if you want a glossy exterior to apply gloss lamination.  It also increases the color print design and vibrancy due to shiny glare.

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