All You Need to Know About Sar Pass Trek

About Sar Pass

Situated at 13,800 ft. above sea level, Sar Pass trek offers the splendor of a stunning verdant scenery and is a haven for photographers, artists, and nature enthusiasts. The Sar Pass journey traverses through some of the most picturesque landscapes, ranging from woods to meadows to ice blankets, set against a curtain of spectacular Himalayan peaks covered in snow. While trekking across the route from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, one has to pass by a tiny, typically frozen lake that means “Sar” in the local language of Himachal. Hence the name, Sar Pass! The interesting trail leads to a winter paradise after winding through a dense woodland.



Day 01: Kasol to Grahan Village

Starting in Kasol’s centre, the Sar Pass trek keeps to the actual left of the Grahan Nallah. One may easily cover a lot of distance in a few hours thanks to the trail’s accessibility and frequent use by locals. After passing the Grahan Nallah, the trail departs from the river’s right bank and ascends steeply into a rhododendron trees. Rhododendron petals can be eaten whole, and syrup and water can be combined to create a refreshing beverage. After an hour-long, strenuous climb the Grahan Village is the last village on the hike and the last place with a mobile network . Tenting at Grahan for the night.

Day 02: Grahan to Mung Thach

Wake up to a stunning view of the beautiful mountains covered in snow. After a filling breakfast, begin your climb of Mung Thach through the trail that is frequently used by locals, which is located north of the Grahan camping area. See the Mung Thach, Nagaru, and Sar Top on the mountain to the right after continuing your trip for a while. Trek along the more steeper path that leads into the densely forested area. At other places, the path also grows more challenging as the slope gets steeper. Arrive at the location for the day i.e, Mung Thach, after crossing the forest. From here, just simply  observe the Chandrakhani stretch and other notable Himalayan ranges.There is going to be an overnight stay at Mung Thach in a forest camp.

Day 03: Mung Thach to Nagaru

Enjoy a morning with a gust of fresh cold breeze.. The journey from Mung Thach to Nagaru will then start via the forest. This part of the trail is difficult since the hill drops off suddenly into a valley below, and the snow could be slippery. After spending a few hours in navigating a steep slope you will reach the Nagaru campsite. While facing the north side one can view stunning mountains across the Parvati valley and the lovely village of Manikaran. Overnight camp stay at Nagaru.

Day 04: Nagaru to Biskeri Thach Via the Sar Pass

Go out early because the climb through the snow is difficult.  As you climb, take in the breathtaking vistas of Sar Pass and the elevated peaks of the Tosh valley. Stay up there for a while to enjoy your achievement and get some amazing photos to capture the event. Following that, you will need to slide down the Biskeri, which is extremely enjoyable and perfectly safe provided that basic safety precautions are followed. One can travel up to a kilometre on the slide to reach the valley’s gentler slope. It takes an hour of walking over a few streams to arrive at the valley and the Biskeri Thach campsite. Spend the night at Biskeri Thach.

Day 05:Biskeri Thach to Kasol via Barshaini

Admire the breathtaking view of Biskeri’s pine forests, beautiful mountains, and lush grasslands. Hike down a steep land area that is completely fenced in from Biskeri. After navigating the deep forest, cross a stream with a campsite across. The twin villages of Pulga and Tulga are divided by a stream, therefore the route to Pulga is to the left of the campsite. To go to the village of Barshaini from Tulga, cross the Parvati River. The trek to Sar Pass ends after reaching Kasol base camp.

Best Time to Visit

Because the sky is clearest in May and you can see for miles, May to October is the greatest season to go on the Sar Pass hike. The weather is erratic from October through December, and the paths will be heavily snowed over. Thus, the trek is typically not organised by companies at this time.

One will return from the Sar Pass Circuit hike with a camera full of picture-postcard-worthy photos and a heart full of lifelong memories. Sar Pass Circuit can be the ideal trip for someone who is eager to learn more about Himalayan hiking.

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