Advice on Rectifying, The Islamic Book

Allah Loves by Advice on Rectifying is a beautifully written Islamic book of 160 pages published by Publishing House. The book focuses on the very basic ethos that sometimes we get so caught up in the acts of worship that we tend to forget who those acts are for.

Each short chapter in the book begins with a quality like piety, love, beauty,

Consistency, strength, perseverance, and justice—to name just a few. But all these qualities are important in the eyes of the divine, Allah. Therefore, we must strive hard to implement these qualities in our lives to become His beloved.

Practical tips on how to achieve these qualities are also given in the book

Overall, it is a heartfelt and enjoyable read that will linger in your mind for days. The writing style of the book is also inspirational and crystal clear, which is true Oman Suleiman style.

Al-Ghazali Mukhtasar focuses on identifying

The common issues of mankind like anger, pride, jealousy, mockery, and vanity. It is a treatment for the illnesses of our mind and heart. It deals with the concept of self-purification or purgation to make this world a better place for living.

It is a complete spiritual guide, offering to elucidate

The maladies of the human spirit—its struggles and insecurities—and how to prevent succumbing to them by using spiritual remedies for the human soul

All months are a wonderful time to spend with your family and loved ones

Having a copy of such rich Islamic Al-Ghazali Mukhtasar literature in your household positively impacts the beauty and essence of the festive season. Order your copies now at to avail of exciting first-time offers and discounts at checkout!

Al-Ghazali Mukhtasar from the Holy Books is a beautiful book

Containing a practical presentation of certain lessons we should imbibe from the Noble Quran. The book is very engaging and provides daily guidance as to how to live a fulfilling life.

The book is written in modern English for ease of comprehension

It consists of 365 verses, so remember and practise these lessons each day of the year. The book contains an introduction to the Quran and the eternal message conveyed to humanity by the Supreme.

This wonderful compilation of daily wisdom, written by Advice on Rectifying

An English professor at Advice on Rectifying is spiritually enriching and gives the English-speaking readers a scope to learn about the Noble Quran’s origin, purpose, and style.

Tajweed means ‘to improve’ or do better in life

It involves implementing the knowledge compiled from the Noble Quran in our daily lives for personal and societal development. Life is abiding by the recitations of Allah as mentioned in the Holy Text.

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