What Is the Admission Procedure for IDBP Schools in Singapore?

The IBDP Program is a pre-university certification designed specifically for secondary students who are highly motivated. The programme includes the DP foundation, which comprises of Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and CAS. Students must also select courses from six key topic areas in order to develop specialised knowledge and talents in the most intriguing fields. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is designed for students between the ages of 16 and 19.

There are several IBDP schools in Singapore where students can opt to have access to incredibly valuable tools that can help them advance in their jobs. The IB Diploma Programme is now offered by 39 schools in Singapore.

In general, IB programme aspirants must apply by a deadline specified on the IB school’s website or by talking with school administration. The application process for an IBDP school in Singapore is detailed further below.


How to Apply for Admission to an IBDP School in Singapore

The procedures for gaining admission to a renowned IBDP school in Singapore are outlined below.

  • Campus Tour: 

Many of Singapore’s top international IBDP schools demand campus tours. Students tour the campus and learn more about the IBDP programme, which allows them to make better educated career choices.


  • Registration After the Campus Visit/Tour: 

Registration is complete after the registration fee is submitted following the visit.The following documents must be submitted by parents of pupils seeking admission to an IBDP school in Singapore, together with the completed form:

  • Two passport-sized photos of the parents
  • One passport-size picture of the candidate/applicant.
  • Verified copy of the birth certificate of the candidate/applicant.
  • Authenticated photocopy of the current address proof of the candidate/applicant.
  • Old school records from the previous two years (certified by concerned authorities).

  • Student Interaction

After obtaining all of the relevant papers, the admissions staff will organise an interactive session with the candidates. This class teaches students about the different benefits that the IBDP school has to offer.

  • Parent Interaction

Following that, there is a parent-teacher meeting. Finally, following the parent contact, the school will send a message. Parent involvement at an IBDP school in Singapore guarantees that parents make the best option for their children’s future by assisting them in enrolling in a renowned institute. Also read about the international kindergarten fees structure. 

  • Payment of Fees and Admission Form Submission

To receive the acceptance letter formally, the cautionary money must be paid. After payment, submit the admission form and expect it within a week. Parents can obtain the online admissions application on the schools’ websites.

  • Offer Letter

The university will send an email with information on choosing candidates who have applied for admission to an IBDP school in Singapore. In addition, as a confirmation letter, the institutions will provide an electronic confirmation of acceptance.



The number of IB schools in Singapore is steadily expanding. One of the causes driving the growth of these institutions in Singapore has been the conviction that international school in Singapore foster creativity and free thought, two attributes needed for success in a globalised world. Before selecting a school, conduct thorough research and have a thorough understanding of the school’s curriculum, culture, syllabus, and other elements.


Singapore’s foreign education industry is expanding, and IB Schools are a part of it. Follow the methods outlined in this article to be admitted to the best IBDP schools in Singapore for speedy professional advancement and highly certified education.


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