7 Best Battery-Saving Apps for a Used iPhone 11 Pro

Degradation of batteries affects all sorts of phones older than two years. Slowly but gradually, they start to lose the ability to store the battery at full health.

That same is true for a used iPhone 11 pro. Since it has been roughly 4 years since the debut of the phone, you can only find this phone with around 80% battery health. That’s why below are the 13 top battery-saving applications that worked fantastically for my phone.

So without wasting any of your time, let’s dig right in.

Best Battery-Saving Apps for a Used iPhone 11 Pro

Here are the 13 finest battery-saving applications that performed miracles for my old iPhone 11 Pro. Try them out and tell me if any of them worked for you.

Battery Doctor

With this software, you can preserve battery life by shutting all the programs that are operating in the background and controlling power settings with just a single push. It also gives precise details on power use, including which apps are using the most battery life.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast’s free software is created exclusively for iOS users, delivering a variety of smart features to keep your phone’s battery going longer. You may configure custom profiles and schedules to switch off particular functions when they’re not required, as well as gain extensive information about the energy use of each app.

Battery HD+

This free software delivers an accurate estimate of your old iPhone 11 Pro’s remaining battery life and also offers suggestions on which applications may be draining it quicker than others. It also monitors charging status and offers a low-power mode built exclusively for long-term usage without needing to recharge.

Battery Monitor Pro

With this software, you can instantly check the status of your phone’s battery in real time without having to open any other applications. It also gives recommendations on how to save power and provides precise information about your battery’s performance over time.

Battery Drain Analyzer

This program keeps track of which applications are consuming the most energy and offers you comprehensive information so you may make modifications appropriately. You may also check battery consumption data for up to 24 hours and set alerts when it hits specified levels.

Battery Guru

This free software helps you get the most out of your phone’s battery by checking its health in real time, as well as offering tips on how to prolong its life. You may establish custom profiles or use a simple slider to alter parameters according to your preferences.

Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Doctor Pro is an app meant to increase the battery life of your smartphone. It enhances your device’s efficiency by closing down or reducing superfluous activities, deactivating background programs, and regulating power-consuming applications.

This helps to decrease the drain on your battery while optimizing its overall longevity. The software also has an astonishing variety of functions, including the ability to analyze and monitor your battery use in real time. It also provides you recommendations on how to increase battery life as required, so you can make sure your gadget is always working at its optimal performance.


Overall, if you want to keep your old iPhone 11 Pro up and running, then you’ll certainly need to install an app for your phone. If you have any thoughts or recommendations about battery-saving applications, then please let me know.

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