Value Up Fast Food Business With Custom Burger and Fries Packaging

Burgers and French Fries are the most popular fast food, and they are consumed all around the world. The burger industry is so popular that there is a burger shop at every stop, and the internet delivery trend is growing.

So, how do you set yourself apart? Urgent Boxes assists you in providing a great marketing tool that distinguishes your business.

The requirement for a solid and appealing packaging solution grows as the necessity to preserve their flavor and optimize their lifespan extends.

Customized and well-made burgers and french fry boxes are the best solutions since they specifically improve the protection level of food products such as fries. They are critical in attracting customers and enhancing individual retailers’ sales and viability.

Burger and fries are typically at fast food restaurants, pizza, and burger joints. If you’re wondering why your sales aren’t increasing over time, it might be because your French fries presentation isn’t up to par. Serving French fries in specific french fry boxes is crucial.

These custom-made boxes may be purchased at Urgent Boxes. We are glad to tell you that various custom boxes are now available.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Quality Materials

These boxes are often of cardboard, box board, and stiff. The most frequent material utilized to manufacture these boxes is cardboard. It is affordable and straightforward to print.

Box board is a tricky cardboard for high-end fries packing boxes. Rigid is a more robust material frequently used for bespoke or premium packages.

Moreover, Urgent Boxes is a firm that provides unique goods for the food industry and is the ideal location to get custom burger boxes.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Protect And Keep Fresh

These boxes are a necessary component of the fast food industry. Boxes are used to preserve and keep meals fresh. Boxes contain various materials, like paper, cardboard, and plastic.

The most prevalent form is paper r boxes because they are inexpensive. Custom boxes may be with logos and other brand information. Cardboard burger boxes last longer than paper boxes and may be reused several times. Polycarbonate boxes are pricey, but they provide the finest protection.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Variety Of Colours And Styles

Burger packing boxes come in various colors and patterns these days. You may locate them in your chosen colors that complement the motif of your restaurant. There are also boxes with entertaining designs that will make your consumers happy.

Fries packing boxes are often made of cardboard. However, they can also be of other materials like plastic or paper. If you’re selling burgers and fries to go, ensure the box is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the food.

If you use the box for decorating, use a lighter material, such as paper, so it’s easier to move around.

Ensure the box you choose is large enough to house all your food! You don’t want customers who are hungry because their burgers/fries don’t fit in the packaging.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Advantages

A burger box, often known as a clamshell, is a form of fast-food packaging used to package burgers.


  • Burger/fries boxes keep meals from becoming squashed or destroyed.
  • They also aid in keeping the burger heated.
  • Packing boxes can advertise a restaurant’s brand or special deals.
  • Boxes can be recycled or composted.
  • Packing boxes may also store other foods like leftovers.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Boxes with Logo

When printed, customized burger and french fries boxes meet the promotional needs of businesses by carrying a logo and other corporate data on the box.

Custom boxes with logos are a fantastic packaging solution for fast food vendors since they help to brand their goods. These burger and french fries packaging boxes are also an excellent but cost-effective solution for home-based or online fast food vendors.

Do you want to market your company? To advertise your business on a broader scale, have your personalized food boxes for french fries printed with your company logo.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Utilizing Our Printing Methods to Effectively Brand Your Business

Ensure your consumers remember your name by accomplishing something remarkable that stays in their heads and makes them realize how much they require it. We are here with cutting-edge printing technology to help you strengthen your branding.

To entice clients, include your company’s logo, a marketing message, your name, and images on the bespoke boxes, which make an indelible impression.

To make your packaging more appealing, the best manufacturer, Urgent Boxes, offers a choice of box types with limitless customization options. There are several customizing options available.

Our custom-made boxes may include embossing/debossing, CMYK and PMS color schemes, PVC/window packing, die-cutting, and lamination (Gloss, Matt, AQ, Holographic, UV).

Also, if you want to customize your burger packaging boxes design, you may communicate your ideas to our creative staff, and your boxes will be as you desire.

Burger And French Fries Boxes: Finishing Options For Epic Packaging

The customer has complete control over the final finishing of the boxes. You might use gloss coating for your wholesale packaging to give the food boxes a bright and clear appearance. This coating increases the visibility of your package and enhances its overall appearance.

On the other hand, adding a matte surface provides your personalized burger boxes with a wide range of colors.

With this trendy and vibrant coating, you may choose any color for the boxes. You may also choose from our palette of colors and designs, but our experts would love to hear your ideas. For more

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