Find Out the Top 5 Dangerous Bowlers in IPL

In the game of cricket batsmen and bowlers both play an important role and if you watch IPL then you must be wondering who is the dangerous bowler in IPL

Well, if you are indeed wondering about it then we are glad to tell you that we are here with this blog which is going to help you by telling you the name of the best and the most dangerous bowlers you will find in the IPL. 

Most Tricky and Dangerous Bowlers in the History of IPL – 

Indian Premiere League also known as IPL has some very devastating bowlers from all corners of the world and these bowlers not only have taken many wickets but have also created a sense of terror in the mind of the batsmen with the deadly deliveries they deliver.

Rashid Khan 

Rashid Khan is an Afghani spinner who has been very consistent in IPL and in whichever team he plays he has always ensured his position in the playing XI. He has an incredible economy of 6.63 along with which he also has 93 wickets in his name, and the reason behind such a good bowling figure is the variations he has in this bowling which pressurizes the batsmen to play risky shots. 

Sunil Narine 

This West Indies player is also known as the mystery spinner and is a bowler which batsmen do not want to play much. With 143 wickets he has an amazing economy of 6.74 and because of his deceptive length and speed batsmen often loose their wickets to him. He has played a very significant role in helping Kolkata Knight Riders in winning the IPL title twice and adding feathers to their cap. 

Jaspreet Bumrah 

Yorker King of Indian cricket team has also created dominance in the IPL and has successfully helped his team in winning games and has also done a very amazing death bowling in the matches of Indian Premier League. 

Ravindra Jadeja 

Jadeja is another bowler in the list of most dangerous bowler in IPL who is a quick spinner and has always managed to get wickets in whichever game he plays, plus he does over in such a speed that batsmen does not gets time to understand the bowls. 

Trent Boult 

Trent Boult is a bowler who is quite popular for taking wickets in the power play which makes the opening batsmen of the other team. He is extremely famous for taking wickets early in the game which helps his team to be in a strong position. 

These were the top 5 and the most dangerous bowlers which existed in the history of IPL and apart from these bowlers there are other bowlers as well such as Rahul Sharma, Moeen Ali, Mohammad Nabi, Mitchell Starc, etc. 

We hope that the information about dangerous bowler in IPL has been helpful for you in learning about the best bowlers which are there in the history of the IPL and along with the names, you were also able to know the details of their bowling.

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