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Zaragoza is a city in Spain and is the capital of the Zaragoza province and the autonomous community of Aragon. This city lies on the Ebro River and its tributaries, which are the Huerva and the Gállego. It has gained fame for various reasons one of which is higher education and student accommodation Zaragoza.

Zaragoza city in Spain 

Many international students from across the globe visit Zaragoza for obtaining higher education. This city is the home to the University of Zaragoza. To accommodate international students who come to Zaragoza, some good properties are available. Xior Zaragoza is a popular student accommodation property in this city, which comprises the facilities as per the requirements of the students of the modern era.

Below, you will know about the features of this accommodation property.

Amenities for Studies

If you are enrolled in Zaragoza, your primary goal of living here is higher education. So, you need a student accommodation Zaragoza with amenities for your studies. In Xior Zaragoza, you find these amenities.

In your residences, you find a study desk and chair on which you can sit comfortably and study with concentration. Moreover, you also study without disturbance in the study room available on this property.

Internet Connection

The internet is also necessary today for getting help in studies such as for completing projects & assignments, attending video tutorials & online lectures, reading text lessons, and more. Besides, it is also used for other online tasks such as online shopping, information searching, getting entertainment, communicating with others, and more.

In this accommodation property in Zaragoza, you get an internet connection through which you can accomplish the above-mentioned tasks as well as other online tasks.


A fit body is required by everyone for solid immunity and for a healthy mind. So, you need to do workouts in your everyday life. For students, workouts are more necessary without any doubt. They need a fit mind for their studies. Furthermore, a disease-free and pain-free body is necessary for living a happy life. Besides, you also need workouts as a student to keep your body in shape.

Therefore, a gym is available for students in Xior Zaragoza. This gym has all the tools and machines made through the advanced technologies on which students can do workouts.

student accommodation zaragoza


You also need entertainment for enjoying life and for healing the mind from tiredness. Therefore, a facility is provided for your entertainment also. There is an on-site cinema available in Xior Zaragoza. So, you can enjoy watching films while staying in this property in your spare time.

Games Room

Some more fun can be acquired in Xior Zaragoza. There is a games room available on this property where you can play various kinds of games. It is a fun activity that you can do with your co-residents. It highly helps you in befriending other residents of this accommodation property.

On-Site Café

You can enjoy having coffee, tea, snacks, etc. with your friends on this property. You find an on-site café in Xior Zaragoza.

Communal Living Areas

You would also like to make new friends after reaching Zaragoza. Xior Zaragoza can be proven to be one of the places for you to accomplish this purpose. You will get a lot of opportunities on this property that you can use for befriending others. In the areas like the gym and games room, you can meet other residents while doing workouts and playing games.

Common space for students to hangout

But, there are also places in your accommodations where you can spend the entire time meeting and talking to co-residents. These are the common living areas in your residence where all the residents can meet each other and be familiar with each other.

Laundry at student accommodation zaragoza

For your hygiene as well as for putting a good impression on others, you need to wear clean and washed clothes. There is a laundry available on this property where you can give your clothes for washing.

On-Site Maintenance and Communal Area Cleaning

You also get the services for onsite maintenance and communal area cleaning at this student accommodation zaragoza.

Heating Facility

For keeping your room warm in the winter season, you also find a heating facility in Xior Zaragoza.

Storage Spaces

Storage spaces such as wardrobes, chests of drawers, etc. can also be found here so you are not required to arrange them on your own.

Security Features

A security staff is appointed 24/7 on this property for the safety of you and your belongings. CCTV cameras are also installed here and there to check if everything is ok on the property. Secure door entries are also offered to residents living in Xior Zaragoza.

Summing Up

Xior Zaragoza is a perfect student housing property in Zaragoza, Spain. In addition to this, you can also book some private apartments in this city.

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