Which ruby gemstone should one wear for maximum benefit- Burmese ruby, New Burmese ruby, Bangkok ruby or Mozambique ruby? What are their prices?

For a long time, people have considered rubies to be one of the most expensive ruby stones in the world due to their beautiful red color. These expensive stones are not only pretty, but they also come from different places and countries.

The Benefits 

Burmese ruby: Burma is in the middle of Southeast Asia and is famous for growing Burmese rubies in the past. The Mogok Valley in Myanmar has earned the nickname “Land of Rubies” due to its renowned pigeon-blood-red rubies. The unique natural conditions in the area, which include high temperatures and pressures, are what make the gemstone so special. For centuries, kings and queens have adorned their crowns with Burmese rubies. They are known for being very bright and vivid red.

Bangkok ruby: Thai rubies have a long history of being good, and the country is a major player in the market for rubies. Bangkok rubies are often treated to make them better, and they are famous for having a bright color. Even though Thailand doesn’t have as many ruby mines as Myanmar, those that do exist have become big players in the world ruby industry.

Mozambique ruby: Mozambique is one of the many African countries that trades in rubies, which stands out. This bright red Mozambique ruby has become more famous over the past few years. Gemologists and people who just love rubies are both interested in Mozambique rubies. The rubies from this mine are famous all over the world for being very clear and sparkling, which makes them different from rubies from other places.

The interesting factors about these rubies

Africa and Asia aren’t the only places where you can find rubies. South American countries like Madagascar have also become major players in the jewel business. People were interested in the ruby mines found in Madagascar in the late 20th century because of their beautiful color and clarity. The Ilakaka area of Madagascar is famous for its high-quality rubies, which makes it a major player in the world ruby trade.

It’s interesting to know that some gemstones came from the cold places in Greenland. Rubies with a unique pinkish-red color have been found at the Aappaluttoq mine in southwest Greenland. When Greenlandic rubies first came out on the gem market, they got a lot of attention because of their beautiful colours and unusual origin.

Many factors affect a ruby’s long and winding journey from its geological beginnings to its current standing as a valuable gemstone. These include time, culture, and geography. No matter if it’s the allure of Burmese rubies, the rising fame of Mozambique, or the unexpected beauty of Greenlandic diamonds, each source has its own flavor.

The price factor

Burmese rubies prices are based on quality, size, and colour. Excellent Burmese rubies with minor imperfections and a vivid, rich red tone sell for $1,400 to $1,600 per carat. Ruby prices depend on quality, size, hue, and provenance. It is reported that Mozambique ruby gemstones in India cost from ₹20,000 ($300) to ₹2,00,000 ($3100) per carat. However, Bangkok ruby gemstones range from $20 to $10,000 per carat, depending on grade.


As we learn more about the secrets of the earth’s interior, the history of rubies is still an interesting part of the story of gemstones. The history of the ruby gemstone is very interesting. Miners first discovered the ruby gemstone in old mines in Myanmar and more recently in Greenland. This bright red gem captivates anyone who sees it, spanning continents and cultures. Follow for more information at Navratan Online Gems Bazaar.

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