What Type of Stone Is Ruby Gemstone?

The ruby gemstone is a stone of dreams and experiences. It is a stone that nuture prosperity to hold money and desire. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your life with the mystical powers of Peridot. Plunge into our collection now and let its magic unfold in your life!

Ruby is full of life and brimming with passion. It removes tiredness, apathy, and lethargy. They are among the most prized gems in society, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. It’s important to remember that ruby stones weren’t used for their chemical make-up until recently. In the past, “Ruby” was synonymous with “Garnet” when referring to any red gemstone. Most rubies currently in circulation have been traded amongst jewelry pieces for centuries.

Ruby gemstone

Varieties of Ruby
The mineral corundum is used to create the gemstones ruby and sapphire. Color is the only distinguishing feature between them. Here are certain varieties of rubies:

Pigeon Blood Ruby
The origin is in Burma. Ruby often referred to as Pigeon Blood ruby. The “pigeon blood” and the precious gemstone ruby both have their origins in Burma. This stone’s color is determined by the first two droplets of blood drawn from a pigeon’s nostrils after death. It is a perfect gem for the couple’s bond and is said to strengthen romantic bonds between its owners.

Mozambican Ruby
Mozambique is Africa’s most important ruby-producing country. The colors of these rubies range from deep purple to reddish-orange. They range from very pale pink sapphire to intensely red rubies. They stand in for the blood that pumps through the body’s veins and arteries.

Mozambique rubies are stone for those who believe in the stone’s supposed regenerative properties. According to Vedic astrology, wearing this stone can help you succeed in business, education, wealth, and also enhance your health. Those born in July are said to be especially lucky because this gem is their birthstone.

Pink Color Ruby
Pink rubies, which originated in Myanmar, had the lowest quality of chromium. This ruby’s price is significantly lower than that of other, more conventionally red rubies. Customers got better value for their money and the highest quality rubies available in their price range, in addition to a wider variety of high-quality gemstones to choose from.

Tanzanian Ruby
Tanzania Ruby is where some of the rarest rubies in the world are found. Sapphires and rubies are often found together because they are both made of the same corundum material. Love, passion, and romance are all symbolized by their vivid stone. Natural or incandescent light brings out the full beauty of a Tanzania ruby’s medium tone and richness of brilliant red.

Burma Ruby
Burmese rubies are the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world. The rarity, quality, longevity, and color of an item all contribute to its value. The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, is home to the most well-known specimen of this type of ruby. Burma, currently called Myanmar, is where you may get these rubies.

Final Thought

Overall, rubies are one of the most amazing gemstones. You can choose any of the rubies stated above for their benefits and allure. We at Navratan will be happy to introduce you to this fine gemstone. We have been a GIA-certified jewelry dealer for decades and offer a premium range of gemstone jewelry collections for customers around the world. Browse our rubies now.

Rubies, besides diamonds, are the first gem that comes to mind when visualizing an engagement ring; they have long been associated with unending love, courage, passion, and protection. Rubies were formerly the stones of ancient kings and queens, so a ruby gemstone engagement ring is a really royal choice.

From the peculiar settings to the modern forms and, of course, the gemstones themselves, ruby stone engagement rings completely align with the unconventional ring types that today’s generation is seeking. Continue reading to know why a ruby stone will make an excellent center stone for your ring.

What makes rubies so valuable?

While most precious gems are far softer than diamonds, rubies are far more durable. In fact, rubies are just slightly softer than diamonds on the Mohs scale. Ruby gemstones are one-of-a-kind rings that reflect your personality.

An engagement ring studded with rubies may be attractive for a variety of reasons, but keep in mind that this lovely gemstone is not inexpensive. The Burmese ruby stone is the most expensive, known as “Pigeon’s Blood Red.” In other words, rubies aren’t out of the question if you’re seeking a less expensive ring. The color variations in rubies cause their pricing to fluctuate greatly.

What to Look for When Buying a Ruby Engagement Ring

When looking for an engagement ring, choose a stone with which you have an intuitive connection along with prominent cut and settings in following ways:

The best stone cut for rubies:The most common shapes for rubies are round and oval. This shape is great for bringing out a gemstone’s redder tones. Rubies can also be cut into more costly shapes, such as octagons, pears, and marquises.

The settings and metals complement rubies the best: Rubies are quite versatile. They have the same hardness as diamonds and moissanite, so they are endlessly durable and fit in any setting you want. The secret is to position the stone so that light may enter from beneath, which reveals its real color.

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