What is the difference between S22 S22+ and ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy phone world can be a confusing place, especially with all the new S22 models floating around. Fear not, fellow phone fanatic!  This guide will break down the key differences between the Galaxy S22, S22+, It is your choice between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra, so you can choose the one that best suits your pocket and your needs.

Size Matters: Big Screen or Easy Grip?

The first thing you’ll notice is the screen size. The S22 is the compact cutie of the bunch, with a 6.1-inch display. Perfect for one-handed use and slipping into your pocket without a bulge. The S22+ bumps it up to a still-manageable 6.6 inches, offering more screen real estate for watching videos or gaming.

Then there’s the S22 Ultra, the phone equivalent of a movie theater screen. At a whopping 6.8 inches, it’s definitely a two-handed phone. This size is fantastic for creative work like editing photos or taking detailed notes with the S Pen (which we’ll get to in a sec). But, if you find juggling groceries and your phone a daily struggle, the Ultra might feel cumbersome.

Seeing believes: Display Dilemmas

All three phones boast gorgeous AMOLED displays from Samsung, known for their vibrant colors and deep blacks. But there are some subtle differences.  The S22 and S22+ have a Full HD+ resolution, which is plenty sharp for everyday use. The S22 Ultra steps it up to a sharper QHD+ resolution, offering even crisper details – think tiny text or intricate photo edits.

Here’s the thing: unless you’re glued to your phone with a magnifying glass, the difference between Full HD+ and QHD+ might not be a deal-breaker for most users.

Snap Happy: All about the Cameras

Samsung phones are known for their killer cameras, and the S22 series is no exception. All three phones pack a triple-lens rear camera system, letting you capture stunning photos and videos. But the S22 Ultra boasts some extra firepower.

The Ultra has a 108-megapixel main sensor, compared to the 50-megapixel sensor on the S22 and S22+. This means the Ultra can capture even more detail, especially in low-light situations. It also has a 10x optical zoom lens, letting you get incredibly close to your subject without losing quality – perfect for capturing wildlife or zooming in on concert details.

The S22 and S22+ have a 3x optical zoom lens, which is still pretty darn good for most situations.

Power Up: Performance and Battery

Let’s talk about the brains of the operation – the processor.  All three phones are powered by the latest and greatest Snapdragon processor, ensuring smooth performance for gaming, multitasking, and running all your favorite apps. You won’t notice any sluggishness here.

Battery life is another crucial factor.  The S22 Ultra packs the biggest battery at 5000mAh, which should easily last you a full day on a single charge, even with heavy use.  The S22+ has a 4500mAh battery, which is still respectable for most users. The S22 has the smallest battery at 3700mAh, so if you’re a power user who’s constantly glued to your phone, you might need to top it up during the day.

The S Pen: A Noteworthy Feature (Ultra Only)

One feature exclusive to the S22 Ultra is the S Pen stylus. This handy little tool lets you write and draw on the phone’s screen with amazing precision.  It’s fantastic for taking handwritten notes, marking up documents, or unleashing your inner artist.  If you love the convenience of pen and paper or use your phone for creative work, the S Pen might be a game-changer.

Price Point: Picking Your Perfect Fit

Here’s the bottom line: the S22 series offers a phone for pretty much everyone, with a price tag to match.  The S22 is the most affordable option, making it a great choice for budget-conscious users who still want a powerful phone with a great camera.  The S22+ offers a nice balance between screen size, battery life, and price.

The S22 Ultra is the most expensive option, but it comes with all the bells and whistles – the biggest screen, the best camera system, the longest battery life, and the S Pen. It’s the ultimate power user phone.


Ultimately, the best S22 phone for you depends on your priorities and lifestyle.

Here’s a quick recap:

S22: Compact size, great camera, affordable price. Ideal for one-handed users or budget-conscious buyers.

S22+: Balance between screen size, battery life, and price. Great all-rounder for most users.

S22 Ultra: Biggest screen, best camera, S Pen stylus, longest battery life. The ultimate power user phone, but also the most expensive.


Are all the S22 phones 5G compatible?

Yes, all three S22 models support 5G connectivity, allowing you to experience super-fast download speeds (depending on your carrier’s network).

Does the S Pen come with the S22 Ultra, or do I need to buy it separately?

The good news is the S Pen is included with the S22 Ultra!

How much storage spaces do the S22 phones offer?

The S22 and S22+ come in options with 128GB or 256GB of storage. The S22 Ultra offers 128GB, 256GB, or even a whopping 1TB option for those who need serious storage space.

What colors are the S22 phones available in?

The color options vary slightly depending on the model, but you’ll find a range of stylish choices like black, white, green, pink, and even some exclusive colors depending on the retailer.

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