What are some fun things to do on a two-day trip in Charleston

Charleston has some incredible destinations to offer to its visitors. The place offers some age-old historical centers and buildings. You can also watch some architectural works and relish great food here. It is considered one of the most visited places in America. The place is best for short trips and escapes. It’s the perfect place to visit, especially if you are planning a weekend getaway in America.

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Here you can find the list of best two-day trip places below.

1. Visit St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

  • This spectacular church is located just opposite Marion Square.
  • It’s a recommended place to see while you are present in the city.
  • It is the tallest church in the whole of South California.
  • Visitors must visit this place to enjoy the grand exterior and interior of the church.

2. Go to Marion Square

  • Take advantage of going to the Marion Square.
  • This place is situated adjacent to the St. Matthew’s Church.
  • You can have a wonderful time at this open-air park with your loved ones.
  • The most attractive part of this park is that it is in the middle of the Charleston Downtown city.
  • This place offers too many activities to the visitors.

3. Visit Rainbow Row

  • If you want the perfect Instagram location, visit the colorful houses in Charleston.
  • However, you can only enter places as real house owners occupy them.
  • You can pass these houses and click some amazing pictures of this location.
  • The homes are on East Bay Street, the North of Tradd St. and South of Elliot St.

4. Take a Tour of the Battery

  • Previously, it was a gate to prevent the invaders.
  • This place is a significant tourist attraction, offering a beautiful garden in the neighbourhood and some other leisure places to hang out.
  • You can walk through the Battery and check out the stunning house at the waterfront.

5. Charleston City Market

  • If you are looking for the historic vibes in Charleston City, you should visit the marketplace.
  • You can find over 100 vendors, local shops, and many handmade artisanal crafts here.
  • The market is quite extensive and stretches too long.
  • If you are not willing to purchase anything from this market, you should still visit the place at least once.

6. The St Philip’s Church

  • The St. Philip’s church burnt down in 1835.
  • Later, the locals rebuilt the church between 1835 and 1838.
  • The church is home to more than 400 people and residents of Charleston.
  • The St. Philip church is believed to be one of Charleston’s most photogenic tourist attractions.

7. Pineapple Fountain

  • The pineapple fountain is situated along the waterfront in the Downtown area.
  • The pineapple fountain and its surroundings offer a wonderful sight to the visitors.
  • The place is located within the distance of Rainbow Row.
  • The home is at 1 Vendue Range in Charleston, SC 29401.

8. Explore the White Point Garden

  • You can find the most relaxing atmosphere in the White Point Garden.
  • It’s one of the best Downtown areas located in Charleston.
  • The place is located right next to the Battery.
  • So, if you are visiting Battery, you should also tour this place.

9. French Huguenot Church

  • It’s the most photogenic church in the Charleston city.
  • The church got damaged and burnt due to natural calamities and fire several times.
  • Thus, the church was reconstructed many times.
  • You should visit the church to dig into its historical architecture and more.

10. Tour at the Old Charleston Jail

  • Take a tour of the old Charleston Jail if you visit the city.
  • The jail had many prisoners during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

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