Unveiling the Truth: Drinking Alkaline Water Daily – Benefits and Considerations

The nutritional claims stated by proponents of alkaline ionized water from an under sink water filter Singapore are not supported by any hard data. Except for those with renal problems, drinking alkaline water on alternate days is probably harmless.

Drinking a gallon of it every day also makes the body work harder to maintain its pH level due to its high pH level, which increases the production of gastric juice and digesting enzymes. Although alkaline bottled water won’t do any harm to your health, ordinary water is still preferable because there is insufficient proof to support its nutritious claims.

How Alkaline Water is Made?

On a scale from 0 to 14, the acidity or alkalinity of water is evaluated. Numbers under seven denote an acidic character, whereas numbers over seven are regarded as alkaline. The more the number, the more alkaline the water is.

Because it picks up minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and silicates along the way, water that runs over rocks and emerges from springs is naturally alkaline.

The majority of commercially available alkaline water preparations contain water that has undergone the chemical process of electrolysis to become ionized. Manufacturers assert that they raise the pH of the water to between 8 and 9 by using a device known as an ionizer.

Do Alkaline Beverages Have Any Advantages?

Alkaline water proponents assert that it may balance your blood’s acidity and shield you from conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Studies claim that this is untrue since alkaline water barely alters the pH of your blood.

Having an alkaline water dispenser may help delay bone loss that comes with age, according to some research. It is yet unknown, though, whether this advantage would endure over time.

Additionally, according to some, alkaline water can:

  • Improve the digestive process
  • Activate metabolism
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boost your energy
  • Alleviate acid reflux
  • Lowering the blood viscosity
  • Dehydration treatment
  • Slow aging

There is not enough data to support the health benefits of alkaline water, and none of the health claims made for it are supported by science.

How Does Your Body Contribute to PH Balance?

Your kidneys and lungs play a major role in your body’s excellent system for keeping your pH level stable.

  • Your kidneys filter out waste materials to keep the body’s pH levels stable.
  • Lungs: When the pH of your blood becomes too acidic, your lungs release carbon dioxide, which you breathe out and which balances the pH.

In addition, before alkaline water can have the advantages that its proponents say, your stomach generates acidic gastric secretions that neutralize everything you consume.

Is It Safe to Consume Alkaline Water?

As long as you don’t have renal issues, drinking alkaline water is probably harmless. However, there can be other adverse effects, such as a change in the pH of your stomach. The body may be exposed to many bacteria that acidic fluids normally protect against due to the changing pH.

Your digestion might be hampered by the high pH, which could also cause dry, itchy skin.

Instead of drinking alkaline water if you think your diet is excessively acidic, eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on coffee, salt, and sweets.

How Beneficial is Alkaline Water for the Kidneys?

The kidney serves several purposes in the body. The purifying of blood and elimination of toxins and surplus water from the body through the production of urine is the most prevalent function that we are aware of.

However, the preservation of the body’s acid-base balance is a lesser-known but no less crucial function. When kidney disease develops, the body begins to accumulate acids. This results in fatigue, muscular loss, and a quicker decline in renal function.

Dietary changes can significantly decrease the course of renal disease. The use of sodium bicarbonate supplements, sometimes known as baking soda, is one of the proven methods for slowing renal disease and extending the life of the kidneys.

Small doses of sodium bicarbonate given to individuals with chronic renal disease increase kidney function and lengthen the life of the kidneys, according to well-conducted research trials.

Additionally, several studies have indicated that people with chronic renal disease who follow a vegetarian diet have substantially longer kidney function and a slower rate of kidney function deterioration than those who follow a non-vegetarian diet.

Alkaline water has gained popularity in recent years as a means of enhancing and maintaining people’s health. Similar to sodium bicarbonate, alkaline water can benefit your kidneys by raising urine pH, which reduces the amount of acid your kidneys must expel.

However, there are currently no reliable human research studies on the usage of alkaline water in chronic renal disease patients. Alkaline water has been utilized in hemodialysis in a few experiments on canines. It was discovered that these animals had superior acid-base preservation than the control group, which utilized regular water.

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