Top Underrated Fantasy Cricket Tips That Can Help You Win Big

For many people living in India, playing cricket comes naturally or due to their constant exposure to the game on various platforms. Cricket is now a global sport with lots of fans and players. It is played by different people on different surfaces and conditions. Cricket excites and unites fans and players like nothing else. Due to the rise of great championships like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Cricket World Cup, other game formats like fantasy cricket are now popular on fantasy sports platforms like Consider 11.

However, real cricket has standard rules and strategies that are vital to keeping the game flowing. And with fantasy cricket, an offshoot of real cricket, strategy is crucial. So, what are the basics to know? What are the underrated fantasy cricket tips that can fire your play and help you win?

Let’s see them one by one
  • Track the Pitch Report and Weather Conditions: In fantasy cricket as well as real cricket, tracking pitch performance is a gem to never ignore. This part may be ignored or overlooked by several fantasy cricket players who favour great team selection and overlook the actual playing surface. Whether it is a green, flat, cracked, or turning pitch, there is a need to take in all these aspects to help you assemble the best team and make you win big. Knowing your cricket pitch character via the report helps you set out your best playing strategy too.
  • Know Your Opponents Deeper and Better: In digital marketing business analytics, it is called competitor analysis. You cannot go wholesale in a fantasy cricket match without evaluating your opponent’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, you do a disservice to yourself. When you know more details about your competitor or opponent, it puts you in a commanding position to settle every challenge they throw at you in the match or game. This also covers aspects like which players are playing, match strategy, past records, and present player and team fitness.
  • Keep Your Fantasy Cricket Team Balanced: In all team sports, including cricket, balancing talents, skills, fitness, and performance is a great winning tip. Balanced teams with several skills at key points know when to apply which skill, at what time interval in the match, why to apply it, and the expected or anticipated end result. Balanced teams are high on confidence and can face any opposition with skill and tact in a fantasy cricket match.
  • Track and Know All Your Bonus Points Players: In a fantasy cricket match, some of your players will earn you bonus points each time they do well on the pitch.

In the End

Knowing the character, tenacity, and determination of your fantasy cricket team is ideal and vital. You can make great strategic playing moves based on the inputs that you see. And on Consider 11, a fantasy sports app, you can launch a successful fantasy cricket game and win big.

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