Top 10 Best Tips for Acing the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT)

The IISER Aptitude Test, a key admission milestone, determines your suitability and potential for success in the difficult academic programs offered by these schools. To help you confidently conquer the IISER Aptitude Test, we have put together a comprehensive guide filled with the greatest tips and tricks.  Within this section we will analyse different aspects of iat online course and how it can be fruitful for your career. You’ll be able to pass this challenging test with its assistance. 

Whether you’re a college senior wanting to ace this test or an enthusiastic learner seeking to increase your knowledge. Moreover, such insights will be essential in your quest for success. So let’s embark on this journey together and discover the key to unlocking the potential in the realms of science and research.

Best Tips For Acing At The IISER Aptitude Test:

Getting a desired spot at one of the famous Indian Institutes of Education and Research in Science (IISERs) requires passing the IISER Ability Test (IAT). To succeed on this difficult exam, you must take a calculated strategy and diligently study. Here are some excellent advices to assist you confidently tackle the IAT:

Recognize the Syllabus

Start by fully comprehending the IAT syllabus. Usually, topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology are included on the exam. Make sure you understand the core ideas behind these topics.

Management of Time

Create a study plan that allots enough time for each subject. Prioritize your areas of weakness while also making sure to keep a balance between the subjects.

Exercise Often

The trick is to practice regularly. Complete IAT practice exams, dummy exams, and sample questions. You may better your problem-solving abilities and become more used to the exam format by doing this.

Conceptual Detail

Concentrate on creating a solid conceptual framework. Make sure you can articulate the fundamentals of any subject in your own terms. It will be simpler to answer difficult queries as a result.

Stay Current

Keep abreast on new advancements in science and current events. Questions on the IAT frequently test your understanding of recent advances in science.

Mock Exams

Take timed mock exams that go the whole duration. You will be able to better manage your time and adjust to the strain of the actual exam by doing this.

Use Dictionaries

Purchase reputable reference books on each subject. Consult the textbooks recommended for your board examinations and seek out further reading to expand your knowledge.

Address Numerical Issues

Regularly practice answering numerical problems for disciplines like mathematics, physics, and chemistry. You must successfully apply the principles you understand in order for your understanding to be useful.

Review is Crucial

Never undervalue the impact of revision. To help you remember what you’ve learned, go through your notes and practice sheets frequently.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Optimistic

Maintain a nutritious diet before the exam. To stay in excellent physical and mental health, get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise. Keep an optimistic attitude and faith in your talents.

Exam Day Strategy

On the day of the exam, read the instructions carefully, and manage your time wisely. Start with the sections you’re most comfortable with to build confidence and then tackle the tougher ones.

Avoid Guesswork

The IAT typically has negative markings for incorrect answers. If you’re unsure about an answer, it’s often better to leave it blank than to guess and lose marks.

Certainly, let’s delve into a more detailed exploration of the exam pattern for the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT), which is a crucial step for admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs).

IISER Aptitude Test

Mode of Examination

The IAT is traditionally conducted in an offline or pen-and-paper mode, meaning that candidates are provided with physical question papers and answer sheets. However, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest information, as exam modes may change.


The typical duration of the IAT is around 3 hours. During this time, candidates are expected to complete all sections of the test.


The IAT comprises four primary sections


This part tests your comprehension of basic physics ideas, such as those related to mechanics, magnetism, electricity, thermodynamics, and more.


It tests your understanding of fundamental concepts in chemistry, including chemical bonding, organic and inorganic chemistry, & physical chemistry.


Your mathematical abilities will be tested in this portion, which includes questions on calculus, algebra, trigonometry, math, and statistics.


Your understanding of biological topics, such as cell biology, inheritance, ecology, and others, will be tested in the biology portion.

Inquiry Type

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are the most common type of question in the IAT. You must select the right response from a list of possible answers in an MCQ.

Marking Scheme

While the specific marking scheme may vary from year to year, the IAT often employs negative marking for incorrect answers. In other words, you lose a fraction of your score for each wrong answer. It’s crucial to carefully read and understand the instructions related to marking.


The IAT syllabus basically encompasses subjects from the 10+2 curriculum in biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. But in addition to your knowledge, the questions are intended to evaluate your ability to think critically and solve problems.

Hardiness Level

The IAT is renowned for having difficult questions. It’s intended to evaluate your level of topic understanding and your capacity to apply information to challenging situations.

Current Events

The IAT may also ask questions about general knowledge, recent discoveries, and current scientific advancements in addition to subject-specific questions. It is beneficial to stay current with science and technology.


English is frequently used to administer the IAT. In order to successfully complete the test, you must be fluent in English.

Cut-off Ratings

Each IISER may have its own minimum cut-off scores for different categories of candidates, such as General, OBC, SC, ST, etc. Meeting these cut-offs is essential for consideration in the admission process.

Concluding Remarks:

Through this article, our primary objective was to clarify the whole perspective of the way through which you can prepare for the IISER Aptitude Test. 

SciAstra is one of the most prevalent platforms that will allow you to prepare for iat exam preparation mock test. Along with this, you will also be able to come in contact with mentors who have a thorough understanding of the IAT examination. 

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