Top 7 Reasons for Choosing AWS


Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is the cloud infrastructure and web services branch of, the world’s largest retailer. It helps to provide enormous advantages to enterprises. In their eagerness to reap the benefits of Amazon, several enterprises migrate their applications to AWS without even thinking about or implementing the lift and shift strategy. Despite the control, these companies benefit from the advantages of utilizing a cost-effective and secure infrastructure. Thus, we will explore the major benefits AWS provides to all those enterprises that use this technology. Before proceeding ahead, let us understand the meaning of AWS.

AWS: Meaning

Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, provides reliable, scalable, and economical cloud computing services” to businesses of all kinds.

In other words, it’s a collection of over 200 cloud computing and API services that allow individuals, businesses, and governments to store information, develop applications, and do several other things. Despite these advantages, AWS is a pay-as-you-go platform, making it economical. Thus, in order to know more about this technology, we recommend taking up AWS Training in Delhi from a reputed institute.

Essential Reasons to use AWS:

List down below are the crucial reasons to use Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Global Availability

AWS operates 20 worldwide data centers, each of which has various availability zones. However, it is now feasible for a US-based corporation to expand its footprint in the Indian Subcontinent by partnering with Amazon.

Scalability & Flexibility

Unlike traditional data centers, AWS provides limitless flexibility and scalability. However, one such solution that allows on-demand scalability is AWS’s cloud automation. This benefit saves enterprises from building their own infrastructure strategy and risking failure. Moreover, AWS application users benefit from Amazon’s low-cost migration services, which means you may migrate your current infrastructure to AWS without much difficulty.

Little or No Investment Required

Organizations save money on software and hardware by using AWS cloud services. As you don’t require any physical data center, this results in lower operational expenses.

Easy to Use

AWS helps service providers, manufacturers, and independent software suppliers to host their applications quickly and securely. It might be a pre-existing application or a SaaS-based solution. Also, users can enter the AWS’s application hosting platform using the AWS Management Console or well-documented web services.

Reliable Encryption & Security

One of the most significant advantages of AWS is its outstanding security and ability to protect your data, IT infrastructure, and much more. Last year, almost 90% of all WordPress sites were not secure. Thus, to protect it, AWS offers robust security features. It provides a more dependable security solution that guarantees the safety and security of your data. With 12 data centers spread around the globe and another 5 set to launch this year, your private data and information are as safe from each end.

Excellent Diverse Array of Tools

While it was primarily intended for cloud storage and computing, it has already grown to include over 70 more services.

Database, software, mobile, analytics, and networking are all included.

In short, it’s a one-stop shop for all of your cloud computing and IT requirements. It provides a ready-to-use platform that you may utilize to boost productivity and effectiveness.

All of its services, also known as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, are accessible for rent to anybody who can afford or requires it.

Managed IT services

No matter how clever or brilliant you are, there is a limit to how many hats you can wear. This includes overseeing your company’s IT infrastructure. One of the most significant advantages of AWS is the availability of Managed IT services, which may make business operations much easier. It helps safeguard your data and information, ensuring that your business functions smoothly.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the seven crucial reasons to use AWS technology for your business projects. These reasons may also compel you to take up a course in this similar domain. So, if you are eager to have a career in this domain, we suggest you enroll in the AWS Online Training.

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